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Alternatives to Google Analytics You Should Consider

Since its inception, Google Analytics has remained the impregnable tool in the screen of website analytics. The top 10,000 sites on the planet and 57% of the world are using this tool. Prior to its launch, people did not have access to a tool, but what this brought with it is a powerful, accurate analytics that helped masses and particularly site owners a lot. People now have freedom to make smarter decisions for their website and their business.

Analytics seem to be the starting point for a myriad of tasks that encompass everything from increasing traffic to improving conversions or conceiving great new content ideas. However, as everything comes with a time limit, even the Google Analytics tool now seems to getting shorter on time. The many new tools that have now emerged, some of which are pretty good, has made it possible.

Why get over Google Analytics now?

Therefore, if you still think that why get over Google Analytics, here are few reasons:

So, let us just quickly see what the alternatives available are…

The choice of alternatives largely depends on what the user is looking for. So, let us see the top five alternatives that offer something for everyone…


Clicky seems to have a long list of pros that cannot be just overlooked.



Some pros that can help you gain real time advantage on the web include:



This open-source alternative to Google Analytics, is said to have over 500 features, let’s see the few top ones


Open Web Analytics (OWA)

Available as a self-hosted open source solution, this has many benefits:



The better-known alternative of Google Analytics, StatCounter may not look beautiful, but is pretty impressive. Few pros include:


The bottom line:

For any person in search of staying away from the googly-eyes of Google, today there is no shortage of excellent alternatives to Google Analytics. From free tools to paid alternatives, the choices are many, what is needed is creating your own personal list. So, give these a try and get over the Google craze!

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