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Corporate Identity

Allow us to design a corporate identity for you, which will take your image, your brand and your company to the greatest of heights!


Without a doubt, these days, people recognize the brand more than the company or even the product itself. In the simplest of terms, a corporate identity presents the persona of your brand and company, allowing it to stand apart in a crowd. By ensuring that the identity of your company has been created with care and precision, you can ensure a higher rate of revenue generation, as well as a greater reach. Moreover, your corporate identity is what showcases the philosophies and ethos you wish to project.

By hiring a professional team of corporate identity designers, you can be sure that every aspect of your identity, right from conceptualization to the completion will be handled well. Ranging from logos and letterheads to office templates, there is a lot a good company can do for you.

With the creation of a proper identity, you can ensure that you leave a great first impression with your future clients. In addition, you can start building your own fan base and accumulating consumer loyalty. And eventually, all this can only mean that your business will grow by leaps and bounds!

While corporate identity branding might sound like a relatively new term, there is no denying that it is fast gaining importance. Imagine your office – the way it looks gives your clients the very first impression about what to expect. Come to Brainwork Technologies and our team will not only design your identity for you, but reintroduce it to you!


There are several reasons why you would want to join hands with Brainwork Technologies for your corporate branding related requirements:

  • We can help you understand what it is that you need and then create an entire new identity in accordance.
  • We have a range of designs and interfaces, all of which can be customized, just for you.
  • Our team of content writers and editors will make sure that the text is structured in the best manner possible and allows hassle free navigation.
  • Everything, from the logo to the email signature, will be designed in such a manner that they seem interconnected and properly related.
  • Whether it is conventional identity packages, such as business cards, brochures, stationery, packaging, sales kits, signage and media advertising, or new media identity packages like websites and icons, we can get it done for you!

We pride ourselves for our ability to offer out of the box solutions and approaching each task with a unique approach and a brand new zeal!


There is a range of services offered at Brainwork Technologies and these include:

  • Corporate Identity / Professional Logo Design: Whether it is just a logo that you are looking at getting created, or an entire identity, our team will be able to do it for you.
  • Business Card Design: A well-designed business card says a lot, which is why it has to be handled by a team of professionals like us.
  • Letterhead Design: Even though letters on paper have become rare, there is no doubt that some of the most important documents are always on paper. This is why, our team will create unique and professional letterhead designs, just for you.
  • Office Template Design (.doc,.ppt,.xls): Irrespective of which format you need it in, our team can design an office template for you.
  • Email Signature Design: With almost all companies opting for digital signatures, it is important that your email signature stand apart. Our team will assist you in creating a distinctive email signature design.
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