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What to Prefer For Web Design-Joomla or WordPress

When we talk about choosing a customized CMS for your website, two names that instantly come to our minds are Joomla WordPress. Both of these content management systems have made a strong image in the market and are used by millions of web design companies and designers across the world. However, when it comes to selecting any one of them, the decision is quite a difficult one. Through this blog, you would know some important features of both these content management systems that will help you to decide which one is better than the other.

Firstly based on the usability of both these CMS tools, wordpress definitely scores higher as it is easier to learn. However, Joomla is also bringing improvement in its usability features with every new version. At the present basis, Joomla offers much more advanced functionality as compared to WordPress.

Next feature to compare between the two is their versatility. In this category, wordpress is regarded as better blog software, while Joomla wins the race as an advanced content management tool. Joomla is said to possess features that can target almost every industry while wordpress is better off as a publishing tool.

When talking in terms of SEO, wordpress is strictly a better option. Websites created through wordpress is highly search engine friendly due to which its web pages enjoy a higher ranking. While working with Joomla based websites, the web designers have to get into some customization to derive its full benefits for the SEO purposes.

Considering features like scalability, integration, or development of bespoke features, Joomla stands out to be a winner but when we talk about working with the administration features, WordPress definitely takes over Joomla. Thus, you can decide which CMS to choose as per the features you prioritize for your web design.

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