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Business Model

Our Philosophy is to provide scalable solutions for outstanding recognition in the online marketplace. Understanding that every client’s and business’ requirements are unique, we offer flexible business models to help you select the most appropriate option offering best results.

Turnkey Model

Key essentials of a turnkey model are well-defined customer needs pertaining to deliverables and specified project paths. Clients face lower risk-rate with a specified design and execution plan that clearly defines every aspect of the project. We monitor the progress of our client’s projects at every step according to predetermined deliverables.

Closely following the guidelines of this model, experts at Brainwork ensure that quality is key priority in achieving established targets in a stipulated timeframe. After achieving timely project deliverables, client shall compensate a pre-agreed amount. We deploy our resources in order to ensure that appropriate skills have been engaged at necessary locations and at the apt time as well.

Under the Turnkey Model, below mentioned steps are followed:

  • Client requirements is distinctly defined and communicated
  • Brainwork experts respond with understanding of customer requirements
  • A price quote is proposed to the client for the initiation of the project based on turnkey model
  • Once accepted by the client, project-plans are developed
  • Operation models are drawn-up by experts that are always in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.
  • We make it a point to keep clients involved in the review process through weekly reports, emails, telecons, and joint reviews.
  • An exclusive project manager or account manager will be allotted to resolve client queries
  • Our post-release maintenance experts manage enhancement and support

Fixed Cost Model

In a fixed cost model, all constraints need to be defined with absolute clarity. This includes specifying project requirements, expected deliverables, timelines, project execution model, and a mutually agreed fixed price or fee. Our Fixed Cost Model is designed in a manner to ensure reliability and high performance in diverse projects. The major benefit derived from a fixed model is that projects are time-bound; meaning timely and cost-effective completion of projects can be achieved based on clearly defined specifications.

Small-scale projects have an added advantage with this model, as scope, timelines, and requirements are openly decided upon beforehand. Based on the price agreed for the completion of the project, appropriate development teams, technologies, and managerial resources are engaged. In addition, any new features or changes that are introduced at a later stage are discussed and quoted independently.

Dedicated Resource Model– Key Resource Outsourcing

Choose dedicated resource model for complete control over human and technical resources deployed in the development of your project. DRM is an excellent resource for clients looking for supplement resources for some aspects of the project. Brainwork Technologies offer dedicated resources from a pool of highly experienced professionals. A DRM model will help you sustain transparency, flexibility, scalability, and security of operations. Brainwork personnel will remain at your dedicated service for as long as you need them on a fixed monthly remuneration.

Benefits of choosing DRM are mentioned below:

  • Working with a vast range of IT experts who have diverse skill sets
  • Access to a ready to use IT infrastructure with top-class facilities
  • Get the project up and running in less than 24 hours
  • Complete control to decision regarding certain resource involvement, replacement and withdrawal
  • Complete control over project progress that includes requirement, reporting and schedules
  • Transparency in engagement process and detailed weekly reporting system.

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