Business now goes beyond the reaches of the stores, because now, you can run your business anytime and from anywhere!


The business world today has changed a lot and shopping is no longer done only in retail stores. More and more companies that are related to products and services are now choosing to conduct their business, via the internet. Not only does this allow the business to reach farther corners of the world, it also enables them to offer a much more detailed catalogue. If you too sell products and services, then it is time that you step into the magical world of E-Commerce solutions, with us!

E-commerce Web Development Services

At Brainwork Technologies, our only aim is to help you grow your business, in a manner that is not only ethical, but also strategically smart. We understand that each client requires a different solution, which is why provide a range of services. From Zencart to OsCommerce and Magento, there is so much to choose from, for you, and so much to work on, for us! What we can promise you, is that when we are done creating and hosting your ecommerce website for you, this will be one of the best business E-Commerce solutions you have ever invested in.

Zencart: This user friendly open source software is behind some of the most popular shopping websites, and with our aid, it can do the same for you too. We will ensure that the website is designed in such a manner that catalogues, information related to products and even aspects such as newsletters can be managed with ease. You will also have ease in terms of setting up payment gateways, language and dispatch support. With us, you will get to enjoy an ecommerce website design that takes you beyond anything that you could have ever imagined!

OsCommerce: Our team of experts will utilise the latest tools to create a shopping website that is unparalleled. The tool comes with a built in automated we browser, which is generally compatible with all PHP 4 versions. With our range of unique and multilingual solutions, you will be able to run your website with any PHP enabled web server or environment that is supported by My SQL.

Magento: With this advanced E-Commerce development tool, you will have a website that can be changed as and when you want. Altering the functionality and designs is quite easy with this tool. There are also plenty of additional features like product catalogues, mobile commerce, multiple currency support and payment gateways.


Ours is an E-Commerce development company that believes that the client is the one who should decide what their website should look like. This is why, we include you in every stage of development. In addition, our services provide you with a range of features, such as:

  • Completely customised solutions, which are stunning and unique
  • Complete control over the e-store, including design and catalogue
  • Customized order and content management systems
  • User friendly interface, with multiple payment gateways and methods to track shipments
  • Compatible with existing business applications
  • SEO optimised and easy to deploy
  • Sites that are easy to setup, run as well as maintain
  • Cross browser compliant and customised themes and templates
  • Dedicated and highly experienced teams for each solution (Zen Cart, Oscommerce, Magento)


It does not matter which type of ecommerce site you are looking to have created, we can assure you that with us, you will have the most unique and user friendly website possible. Our team will spend time with you, in order to understand your exact requirements and vision, before setting forth on the task of designing the actual website. With us at the helm of things, you can be assured that your website will have content, catalogues and information that will attract several clients. In addition, with multiple payment gateways, easy methods of ordering and tracking shipments, you will surely be able to see a rise in sales.

Some of the other benefits of hiring our ecommerce website development services would include:

  • Customized E-commerce web design
  • Mobile internet toolkits and wireless applications
  • Management of chain, inventory and product catalogues
  • Re-engineering and office automation systems
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce services
  • Order entry and real time payment processing as well as integration of payment gateways
  • Web analysis and Return on Investment tracking
  • Crafting customized e-commerce solution
  • Hosting and maintenance of e-commerce system
  • Tailor made installations
  • Customised themes, skins and templates
  • Custom theme conversion services
  • Customized third party plug-in modulation
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Backup of all data
  • Customized third party plug-in modulation

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