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Test Automation & Management

Let us help you decide how to choose the best automated testing tools and automation testing software for your needs and take care of the actual process tool!


Initially, all testing was done manually – so, if you had a new program, you would have had to have an entire team, working out the loopholes and testing how the program actually works. This was not only time consuming, but also something that left room for error. However, with the introduction of testing automation services, things have started to look up and not only has the process become faster, but also more efficient.

With a range of testing tools, more and more companies are now opting to outsource their test automation management needs. This not only ascertains that your programs function well, but also that there are minimal scopes for error. With the assistance of a professional team, you will be able to ensure that mundane tasks are minimised and you can utilise your time, far more effectively.


It does not matter whether you are looking for a team to handle automated web testing or mobile test automation, at Brainwork Technologies, we can assure assistance for every type of automation testing. With years of experience under our belt, some of the features of our services include:

  • Graphical user interface testing, API driven testing, code-driven testing and basic web testing
  • Input-output data and meta data driven capabilities
  • Ease of logging as well as debugging for android testing automation as well as others
  • Operating systems and platform independence
  • Reporting systems in accordance to client requirements along with other provisions of customisation
  • Support for distributed execution environment as well as distributed application in automation testing on Mac
  • Enabling regular email notifications and constant support for attended as well as unattended tests


When you choose to work with Brainwork Technologies, you can be assured of the best test automation services. This we can promise you, because we have ensured of assembling the most professional and experienced team. With us, you can receive benefits such as:

  • Access to frameworks such as Linear, Keyword-driven, Data-driven, Hybrid and Structured
  • Creation of a proper format, which will prove to be the foundation for all the expectations from the particular program
  • Putting into place the mechanism that will actually test the program or application
  • Accurate and timely execution of the tests and creating a proper report for the same
  • Completion of repetitive tasks with an assurance of consistent functionality
  • Creation of detailed reports related to defects and errors
  • Provision to create tests that can be reused, allowing for the creation of a proper test automation framework

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