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Flash Design

Flash creates stunning and eye-catching designs so that the onlookers are astounded by the aesthetics and functionality of your website, making it easily noticeable among the hordes of sites out there.


Until some years, flash web designing in India had reached an all time low, as Google was unable to index flash content, which in turn adversely affected the ranking of the website. However, this shortcoming of flash websites has been eradicated. Now, flash website design can be made search engine friendly by assimilating Adobe Flash player with the flash indexing algorithm.

Flash can effectively transmute the very look of a webpage along with increasing the prospects of getting regular flow of traffic. Moreover flash banner design can combine the best of animation and interactive features to engender interest in your company, products, and services. The capabilities of flash program extend far beyond animating images. Flash is a powerful tool to provide interactivity to web pages, create animation, advertisements, various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and to develop rich Internet applications.

If you get your website designed by the right people, you will be amazed at the response you receive on your website.


Merging creative flash website design concepts with programming skills, Brainwork is a reputed flash web design company in India making a furor in this sphere. Using the latest version of Flash and Flash MX, we can easily develop interactive navigation system along with embedding and streaming digital video, stream audio and even have basic verbal control through a microphone.

Moreover, being well-versed with ActionScript, the scripting language of flash, we have the capability to take your imagination to the limit. It is primarily a technology by which we create interactive graphics on web pages using Flash Action Scripting. It is the language that is embedded into Flash files, helping flash to become dynamic in content as well as just image. With ActionScript you can add a magical touch to web sites, making it somewhat flashy.


Brainwork Technologies is offers a host of services from developing simple flash animations to full-fledged dynamic flash applications. We hold expertise in creating media-rich content both online and offline that not only enlivens the appearance of your message or graphics but also builds interest in your presentation/website and creates a memorable experience for the viewer.

Our professional flash design and development services include:

  • Flash websites
  • Dynamic flash websites
  • Flash intro design
  • Corporate flash presentations
  • E-Brochures
  • Flash logo designs
  • Flash animations
  • Flash screen savers
  • Complete flash sites
  • Animated banners designing
  • Electronic business cards
  • Banner advertisements
  • Flash components

So whenever you require any kind of flash designing, just contact us and we will be more than happy to serve you. Animate your imagination by adding up latest Flash Technology in your website with our unmatched flash website design services.

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