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Instructional Designing

Creating instructional material is never easy, making it interesting is much tougher. But with our instructional design services, you will be able teach with ease!


We, at Brainwork Technologies, offer you services related to instructional designing, which have been appreciated by clients, all over the world. We understand that creating study and instructional material is always harder than writing general content. We also understand that good study material is always that which maintains the interest of the learners, from the start till the end. This is why we have gathered a team that holds an expertise in gathering all the essential material and then putting it all into an effective format.

Our aim is to gain a clear understanding of what it is that our client requires, and then set about creating the same. From the word go, our intention is to:

  • Create training material that provides all the necessary information, in a manner that is simple and concise
  • Help build skills and offer information on how the information will benefit the learners
  • Employ adult learning theories so that the information gathered can be retained for a long time and utilised in an effective manner.


The extensive features of the instructional design services provided by Brainwork Technologies are what have allowed us to stand tall in this domain.

  • Our team has the ability to design comprehensive as well as pragmatic learning strategies, which will be truly effective.
  • All the material is created after a lot of analysis, which includes inputs from the client. In addition, the present and future states are also taken into consideration.
  • Often, such instructional design training programs are created for adults, and our team of designers will make sure that the unique learning requirements of the target audience are kept in mind at all times.
  • All the training material is designed in such a manner that it actually accentuates the existent skills and performances of the participants or learners.
  • The main intent of our instructional designing services is to ensure that impact on the minds of the learners is as long lasting as possible.


With Brainwork Technologies, you will have access to a range of cost effective and truly affordable services. Our services will enable you to enjoy training courses that are not only interactive but also high on the quality quotient. Our instructional design process starts with time with our clients, so that we can gather a clear and in-depth understanding of what it is that they actually require. These stages of interaction continue till the time the entire course has been designed and scripted. We understand that each client has a requirement that is different, which is why we have an array of custom designed courses.

Come to us, and we will try our level best to create a training course that is just right!

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