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Push Down Negative Result

  • Remove forum, message board and other online rants about you from search listings.
  • Create and manage public profiles for yourself.
  • Remove negative posts about you from social networks.
  • Link amongst your Various Sites.
  • Prevent certain information from appearing in search engines when your name is searched.
  • Monitoring your online reputation regularly will “increase the chance that by the time there’s negative content out there.
  • Verify online listings to strengthen search rank and unify your presence
  • Monitor what people are saying on top review sites
  • Protect against employee defamation
  • Monitor the competition’s online reputation
  • Stay in the know with email alerts and weekly executive reports
  • Hear what their people are saying on review sites, blogs, and social networks
  • Monitor employees’ activity on social media
  • Receive regular, actionable reports that help improve their online presence.
  • Push negative comments or post from the Google’s search results.
  • Immediately respond to unhappy customers on social media and directory sites such as Yelp or other social profile.

Push Up Positive Result

  • Publish positive content on third party websites.
  • Promote published content by social bookmarking and other tasks so that negative reviews move down and positive come up.
  • Follow others tasks like commenting, local classified, forums or profiles creations.
  • Thoroughly interview you to understand your desired profile.
  • Research and document your search engine profile.
  • Develop and execute a strategy to improve your personal image online.
  • Distribute and SEO positive content, articles, and social profiles about you and your career accomplishments.

Estimated Pricing – $300/ £190/€260 TO $30001900/€2600 per month*

Terms & conditions

  • Pricing depend on numbers of keywords.
  • Number of negative stories/urls on each keyword.
  • Popularity of negative review.

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