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An Overview of Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking Software

If you are in SEO business or own a website, it is extremely important that you know your position or search engine ranking in all major search engines. Considering today’s highly competitive industry, your position can significantly affect your online business. The Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking is a highly efficient tool that can assess your success, precisely.

With the help of The Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking, one can competently track and scrutinize the rankings if their Web site, over preferred time periods. It can efficiently accumulate Web site rankings from various search engines and also proffers the correct tools that can help in the promotion of the website and enhance its visibility on leading search engines.

Launched on December 9, 2009, The Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Ranking software are available free for a 30-day trial period. Once this application is downloaded on the user’s computer, the user acquires unrestricted access to the entire features of the standard, professional and enterprise editions. If the user is satisfied with the software, he/she can even buy it after the completion of the 30-day trial period. The price of the standard version, the professional edition, and the enterprise software is $99, $199, and $399, respectively.

The standard version of the software enables website analysis and link associate detection. While the enterprise version has additional features comprising domain quality and webpage analyzer, site crawler, Google maps importer, project manager, trigger setting and project proxy setup. Whereas the professional consist of all these features but is heavier on the reporting aspect.

Benefits of Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking

The Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking software is specifically designed to render functional advancement and incomparable value to the users. With this advanced tool, the set up, management, and analysis of projects will become much easier; consequently, the users can make quick and knowledgeable marketing decisions.

Some major benefits of Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Ranking are delineated below:

  • Track Rankings of Yours and Competitor’s Website for different keywords
  • Create professional reports to make them representative products of your company
  • Run and Schedule updates, report generation or backups while relaxing
  • Research targeted keywords with Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Builder, Keyword Analyzer or Google suggest integration
  • Monitor Website ranking evolution through charts and multiple dates graphs
  • Keep an eye on competition’s rankings for your targeted keywords
  • Promote your website by submitting to over 400 search engines and directories using an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Update large projects with multiple proxies and deliver reports to your clients when scheduled
  • Aim on different geo locations by using proxy per project or the Google Preview Tool
  • Keep your data in one place

Hardware and Software Requirements

To download The Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking software, windows users should have a minimum of 1 GB free space in the hard drive, operational class four Pentium processor, at least 512 MB of RAM along with any of Windows 2000, Windows 7, XP or Vista operating system. This software requires a Java runtime environment of 1.5 or later version.

Mac users must have G4 with 512 MB of RAM and at least 1 GB of hard drive space. Software specifically requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions; Java runtime is 1.5 or later. The hardware requirements for Linux users are the same as for the Windows users, while the software specifies denote Linux with GNOME or KDE.

Identification of Link Partners

All Web sites that do not have good ranking in the major search engines, have a widespread problem of not having sufficient link popularity. With Advanced The Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking, one can keep a tab on this and see their website rank on the first page, without fail.

With this tool, you can identify new potential link partners, which will increase the number of visitors by linking to the particular website. For this purpose, you can search for particular keywords in preferred search engines, so that you can rapidly find the domains associated to your specific market besides receiving their page ranking and the visibility score. Once you are able to identify the domains, Advanced Link Manager even allows you to add them to your project and initiate the negotiations with potential link partners. In the wake of inbound links, you need to be extra cautious while selecting the link partners to ensure that they are creditable and capable of increasing your promotional results.

Key Features of the Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Ranking software:

  • Keyword Research Tool for easier and meticulous keyword research
  • Google Preview Tool to check website rankings on different geo locations
  • Human emulation technology to make it Search Engine Friendly
  • Multiple Proxy servers to decrease the update time
  • Availability of 1000+ Search Engines to choose from along with filter tools
  • Automatic Search Engine Updates for regular monitoring
  • Import keywords from a website, a file, Google Suggest or Word tracker.
  • Create reports that can be printed, exported, sent by email to your clients and uploaded to your website automatically via FTP.
  • Automatic keyword relevance suggestions from Google Suggest and Word tracker
  • Keyword Builder
  • Automatically send Email Reports
  • Export rank data and Reports in different formats like HTML, PDF, Excel (XLS), XML, TXT and CSV.
  • Triggers to get special report when your website goes missing in search engines
  • Google AJAX API and Multiple API keys
  • Scheduled Backups and Updates

Unquestionably, the Advanced Link Manager/Advanced Web Ranking website ranking software expedites and simplifies the administration of online business by offering exceptional quantity of data. However, an impending shortcoming of the software is the steep volume of information and data it offers, which might turn out to be too overwhelming with the course of time. To curb it the only possible option is to ignore some of the data and emphasize on the bits that are beneficial for the business. So, be sensible and precise to make the most of this incredible tool. For more information log in at www.advancedwebranking.com