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E-Commerce: Mobile Traffic Surges, E-Retailers Look To Improvise User Experience

The last few years have seen a surge in Smartphone traffic. However, conversion still remains a daunting task for most e-commerce sites.

The 2015 quarterly reports of various Digital Marketing companies reflect that there has been a tremendous growth in Smartphone traffic; although saying that the Smartphone transactions remained flat.

According to the reports (drawn from various client bases):

  • Smartphone traffic swelled to 269 percent over Quarter 1, which was 27 percent of the overall traffic received.
  • Additionally, Smartphone orders increased to about 104 percent, accounting to 13 percent of all transactions made online.

Despite the influx of mobile shoppers, Desktop users still spend the most on buying online. The recorded sales on an average for Desktop users amounted to 54.8% in the first quarter, versus 27% for Smartphone and 19% for Tablet-based shoppers.

Improving User Experience

Often users complain about how gruesome their e-commerce experience is – especially when using a mobile phone. They often complain about secure payment gateways.

The idea of asking someone to register, enter personal details and credit/debit card information on a Smartphone is usually not well accepted by customers. To counter this issue, many companies have started implementing the “remember me” feature.

The need for the hour is innovation. If you really wish to scale your e-commerce website up the profit bandwagon, it’s time to switch to a mobile responsive website!