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Global Brands to Invest $200bn by Year-End

Recent researches have concluded that global brands and retail marketing activities will reach an estimated value of $200 billion by December 2015, due to the unprecedented growth of mobile users worldwide.

A study conducted by Juniper Research, observed that nearly 70% of the net increase on digital advertising concentrated on mobile and handheld devices. According to this study, brand strategies have evolved over a period of time and now global brands have started to concentrate on advertisement campaigns outside Omni-channel digital environment.

Influx in Digital Marketing Investment

The main factors behind the migration to Smartphones and Tablets include their capability to deliver timely, personalized advertising campaigns. According to Juniper Research, in case of mobile coupons, the redemption rates were found to be significantly higher, when compared to traditional mechanisms such as direct mail or newspaper/magazine coupons.

Additionally, it was observed that the potential for using predictive analytics was high on mobile devices, with the retailers being able to tailor advertising and product promotion as per user’s browsing history.

Digital Marketing: Giving Your Business a Definitive Edge

The beauty of mobile and digital marketing is that, it plays a pivotal role throughout the entire retail lifecycle. Right from product discovery, to purchases and enhancing user experience, digital marketing can help deliver personalized advertisement for greater marketing results.