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Tools Required to Cover Web Application Development-Testing Gap

Web development experts believe that the vulnerability scanning tools available these days are not keeping up with the rapidly changing commercial as well as Custom Web Application Development technology. The Black Hat speakers say that there is growing gap between vulnerability scanners or bug-finding tools and web applications in terms of technology, and this is providing opportunities for attackers. These experts asserts that web applications and testing data has to be analyzed by individuals and not tools, so as to identify the wide range of impactful susceptibilities. As a matter of fact, testing tools are not meant to find vulnerabilities, and only guides the knowledgeable person to identify the susceptibility, if any.

The conventional tools are not able to cover many things like login mechanism flaws, some input validation and session management weaknesses, weak passwords, and gotchas in application logic etc. The same problem is seen with mobile devices other issues with network infrastructures. With security testing resources stretched a lot, the organizations are only able to conduct too much manual testing and so they have to rely on semi-automated testing. However, individuals are trying to leverage the tools in unconventional ways and are writing custom scripts to perform commercial and Custom Web Applications inspection in a better way.

Seeing this phenomenon, more and more companies are taking their web security to the next level, and are trying to use products like, Cenzic Hailstorm, which is an award-winning product for offering automated continuous security assessment of both commercial and custom web applications throughout the software development procedure.

Need for Portal Development

A web portal is much more than a medium to introduce the firm’s product in the market but with time, websites have become a medium using which, the firm interacts with the target audience and establishes a brand image. This feeling has lead to the growing need to Portal Development for several firms who are trying to make a market stand. Portal development services also include customization services that enable a firm to add more pages and even change user interfaces that assist them in streamlining their sales strategies.

The most important benefit of Website Development Services is that it helps in targeting audiences regardless of their age because internet in the most widely used medium of communication. The user who needs to find any information, he or she can use Internet, which is one of the most powerful tools of information today in the form of websites.

Similar to the above-mentioned concept is Custom Web Applications development, which deals with the programming and development of user centric applications. There are two types of applications like customized and standard applications. A customized application is programmed keeping in mind the specific requirements of the user whereas a standard application will have a limited set of functionality. The customized web applications are centered on the needs and requirements of the user and his business. The firms who deal with these portal development services work very close to their clients so that they can assess their needs and demands easily and present them the products accordingly.

Security Tips for Customized Web Applications

In today’s web world, where most of the web servers are full of various web applications, we generally forget about the security features of our Customized Web Application. Security is the key factor for the growth of any business. It is necessary to protect your application from the hackers or other intruders, who can steal the important information from the web applications. There are following tips that you can follow to make your web application more secure:

  • Permission: It is one of the important tasks to give appropriate permission to the web application, and would be a good practice to double check the security features. It may be a good option to give the file security options for the user accounts. Make sure the administrator has the right to reset any user account at any time for the security reasons.
  • Access to authenticated Users: It is essential to give the access to only trusted users to get rid of the intruders on your web application. A user should be registered to post any comment on the web application, as it would save you from spamming.
  • Content Management: It would be a good practice to separate the directories of dynamic and the static content. You can also store the user uploads in the static directory, which would stop the hackers to run any server side code on your web application.

It is our responsibility to make our Custom Web Applications more secure, which would help us to keep the privacy of the important data.