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How Videos Can Improve Your Next Email Campaign?

How Videos Can Improve Your Next Email Campaign?

There is no doubting the fact that email marketing can deliver awesome business results. Contrary to what people believe, the return on investment of email marketing is incredible. For every dollar that brands spend on email campaigns, they typically earn a return of almost about $42. This stat alone is enough to prove the immense popularity of email marketing.

How about videos? Videos are the most effective medium when a message needs to be communicated. The human brain is capable of processing visual information at least 60,000 times faster than textual messages.

What about including videos in your email marketing campaigns?

It should work wonders since both aspects are so very powerful. This means to say that if marketers and brands use videos optimistically, they can boost the performance of their email campaigns.

Look at a few of these statistics:

– Marketers report to get at least 66% more useful leads when they use videos in marketing campaigns; and 90% of online marketers make use of videos.

– Simply including the word ‘video’ in the subject line of the email is likely to increase the open rate by almost 6%.


So videos and email campaigns are a sure-shot way to success, but is that so easy?

There are technicalities involved and the entire process can be problematic – you need to either embed the video in the email body, or you can upload the video on say YouTube and then email the link, or alternately, you can create and host a video on your website or blog, and email your subscribers a video thumbnail and the link to visit your site. The point is that if you strategize to include videos in your emails, you need to do so in a well-planned manner.

What can videos do to make your email campaign effective and productive?

  1. Video emails are engaging. Emails are generally ignored by receivers; but by incorporating videos or thumbnails instead of filling it up with all textual matter, or even use of images, your email is bound to get greater attention, thereby increasing the chances of being opened and watched.
  2. Video emails are easy to understand for the receiver. Hence, it makes the entire process time-efficient and simple.
  3. Video emails, if done the right way, can go viral fast; can be shared and forwarded multiple times. Thereby helping you reach a bigger audience faster and effectively.
  4. Videos boost your SEO. The presence of a video on your landing page is a good practice as far as search engine optimization techniques are concerned. Remember, doing this you will be able to attract the search engine more productively than your competition.
  5. One of the best ways to promote events for local businesses is to go in for video email marketing. You can send a professionally made video presenting the highlights of last year’s event and focusing on key points of this year’s. Instead of a textual based email, the video email can do wonders for your event.
  6. One of the important ways that video email marketing can be used is to send happy customer narratives and stories. to your audience. If you use videos that your customers have sent you or those that have been filmed on your customers, you can make it all look quite authentic and impressive.
  7. Many times brands use video email marketing to speak to their existing customers. From new launches to upselling products, there are various ways that you can catch their attention and make a point.

What can marketers do to make optimize their video email marketing campaigns?

  1. Set up a goal for the campaign

Just like everything else, it is important to start with goal-making. The goal has to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Oriented). In other words, it should be realistic and futuristic. Once the goal has been set, define the scope of work. Research to dig out information about your customer, your market, and your competition! And, finally, decide your budget.

  1. Choose the method of including the video in your email. Whether you are going to embed it, create a landing page, and incorporate the video there, or are you going to choose YouTube to upload the video, needs to be decided first. The ideal option is the second one because here you need to add a video to the landing page on your website. Also, remember to add a Call-to-Action button here so that when the viewer is watching the video is the best way of getting the viewer engaged.
  2. When it comes to choosing the video format and length of the video, you need to be very careful because a lot depends on these two factors. Videos that are part of email marketing should be small in size – as they say, keep it short and sweet. The two most popular short video formats that are chosen are GIF and PNG. Make thumbnails or short snippets of the video to include in the email body.
  3. Make several videos so that you have a choice. You would need to first test the videos made with your colleagues, friends, and in your peer group. Feedback is important- whether it is positive or constructive.
  4. Once the video to be featured is finalized, ensure that you share it across all possible channels, for example, your social media accounts, YouTube, and so on. this is to get you more mileage and reach.
  5. Do make sure that the email subject line contains the word ‘video’.
  6. Until and unless it is not necessary, abstain from using auto-play. Such videos start to play the moment the viewer clicks on the link or the email. Give the viewer the power of choice.
  7. Remember to use video email marketing campaigns to create a direct connection with your subscriber or target customer. Personalize the content; keep it relevant and honest.


Video email marketing is catching the attention of most brands and marketers today. Ensure that the campaign is planned well and executed meticulously so that it bears productive results.


There is a lot of buzz in the digital market about pay per click marketing and Google AdWords. Last year, there were lots of updates by Google that were highly appreciated by the users and the trend continues in 2019 as well.

At a recent marketing live event, Google announced a host of brand new features. Here is brief of all the updates that will be introduced by Google later this year:

Discovery ads: With the help of this new update, the user can create a new Discover campaign in Google Ads that are visually appealing and can also publish them within Discover feed on android apps, YouTube feeds and in Gmail under the social and promotions tabs.

As per statistics by Google, Discover feed has successfully reached 800 million users worldwide. Google is all set to make this new update live globally by the end of this year.

Gallery ads: This interesting update allows you to include a maximum of eight images in gallery ads with a scrollable option similar to Instagram ads. When a user clicks or swipes through the images, he will be charged, advertisers are liable to pay for these on a CPC basis.

Google claimed that with the help of Gallery ads, the advertisers witnessed a 25% more interactions as compared to other search ad units. Currently, these ads feature is not applicable for desktop users, however, Google assured that the desktop users will be eligible to implement this feature in the coming future.

Showcase Shopping ads: This ads feature came into existence in 2016 that permits the advertisers to showcase a curated list of products besides their brand products. This year the feature has been updated so that the advertisers are able to showcase the list of products Google Images, the Discover feed, and YouTube feed.

Showcase Shopping ads basically comprises one main image and a series of smaller images so that the retailers are able to showcase a handful of products. These shopping ads also carry information about the locality and stores that have the featured products. Moreover, shoppers will have an exclusive homepage on the shopping tab so that they are able to easily filter out all the products based on different categories. The shoppers can also watch the videos uploaded about the products and its features.

App deep linking: If an advertiser has the marketer’s app installed, then the shoppers can experience a seamless shopping process with express check in and check out. In the near future, Google is planning to offer personalised services on this update, only if the advertiser has linked this feature with Google Analytics for Firebase.

Google Express: This new update is nothing but a redesigned version of Google Shopping destination. The feature was redesigned to deliver a seamless, standardized and improved experience for customers. Customers will now the complete freedom of buying on merchant sites directly from Google. What’s interesting is that Google will manage all the transactions.

Yet another fascinating feature is that Google will allow people to buy products that are advertised through YouTube videos. This brave move will directly put Google face to face with Amazon, who have already been warring on smart home technology.