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There is a lot of buzz in the digital market about pay per click marketing and Google AdWords. Last year, there were lots of updates by Google that were highly appreciated by the users and the trend continues in 2019 as well.

At a recent marketing live event, Google announced a host of brand new features. Here is brief of all the updates that will be introduced by Google later this year:

Discovery ads: With the help of this new update, the user can create a new Discover campaign in Google Ads that are visually appealing and can also publish them within Discover feed on android apps, YouTube feeds and in Gmail under the social and promotions tabs.

As per statistics by Google, Discover feed has successfully reached 800 million users worldwide. Google is all set to make this new update live globally by the end of this year.

Gallery ads: This interesting update allows you to include a maximum of eight images in gallery ads with a scrollable option similar to Instagram ads. When a user clicks or swipes through the images, he will be charged, advertisers are liable to pay for these on a CPC basis.

Google claimed that with the help of Gallery ads, the advertisers witnessed a 25% more interactions as compared to other search ad units. Currently, these ads feature is not applicable for desktop users, however, Google assured that the desktop users will be eligible to implement this feature in the coming future.

Showcase Shopping ads: This ads feature came into existence in 2016 that permits the advertisers to showcase a curated list of products besides their brand products. This year the feature has been updated so that the advertisers are able to showcase the list of products Google Images, the Discover feed, and YouTube feed.

Showcase Shopping ads basically comprises one main image and a series of smaller images so that the retailers are able to showcase a handful of products. These shopping ads also carry information about the locality and stores that have the featured products. Moreover, shoppers will have an exclusive homepage on the shopping tab so that they are able to easily filter out all the products based on different categories. The shoppers can also watch the videos uploaded about the products and its features.

App deep linking: If an advertiser has the marketer’s app installed, then the shoppers can experience a seamless shopping process with express check in and check out. In the near future, Google is planning to offer personalised services on this update, only if the advertiser has linked this feature with Google Analytics for Firebase.

Google Express: This new update is nothing but a redesigned version of Google Shopping destination. The feature was redesigned to deliver a seamless, standardized and improved experience for customers. Customers will now the complete freedom of buying on merchant sites directly from Google. What’s interesting is that Google will manage all the transactions.

Yet another fascinating feature is that Google will allow people to buy products that are advertised through YouTube videos. This brave move will directly put Google face to face with Amazon, who have already been warring on smart home technology.

Google rolling out more features for responsive search ads, adding 10 languages

Responsive search ads are a dynamic combination of descriptions and headlines which help reach out to target consumers and Google has added new features to the same. RSA is important for every advertiser and the addition of new features show that Google lays prominent importance on the same. Google has rolled out four reporting as well as new feedback tools for responsive search ads. These features will make a strong impact on your ad searches. Details about the new features are listed below.

  • There will be suggested descriptions and headlines which will create new responsive search ads and it will roll out in English at the beginning followed by other languages.
  • In order to make it easier to create responsive ad searches, Google will also start importing the headlines as well as descriptions from the existing texts ads in an ad group and it will be rolled out in the coming months.
  • You will be able to add beyond the minimal descriptions and headlines in order to increase your score. The ad strength dial will update in real time.
  • You can view the ad strength updates in your Status column under the UI so as to see if the ads are disapproved or whether you are losing impressions.

The features show that responsive search ads are here to stay and will continue to make an impact in your marketing plan. Google will continue to make investment in this format and the tools, which shows that advertisers should embrace the same at the earliest. If you move early, you will be able to see the best results by experimenting with different features. Responsive search ads are available in Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Polish and Russian.