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Top Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

With advanced technology, everything is digitalized. Almost all industries have gradually started shifting or widening their scope using online platforms. Online platforms are more convenient, easy, accessible, and less time-consuming. Thus, digital marketing can be seen as an upcoming career option in numerous fields. Some of the top digital marketing trends are listed below.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Al is slowly dominating new software products and services. Knightscope K5 robots are used to monitor parking lots and outdoor areas to report suspicious behaviour. With the inbuilt data, it is possible to analyse different patterns and produce efficient and effective conclusions.

  1. Chatbots

Another version of Al, chatbots provide instant messaging to chat. They are available 24/7 and provide the best customer service as they promptly respond to queries as well as remember your past purchases. You don’t have to wait anymore for your doubts to be clarified!

  1. Video Marketing

As the number of mobile users has increased, it has become difficult to read articles on a small screen. Due to this video marketing has risen to the forefront. Product details and specifications when recorded in a video make it easier for the consumers to understand and receive information quicker. They also provide incentives to buy certain products as reviews might also be given.

  1. Social messaging apps

Social media started out as a platform to connect and keep in contact with people. But with different brands creating their accounts, marketing is possible even through social media. Social messaging apps allow one-on-one personalized interaction between buyers and sellers thus, boosting sales.

  1. Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Visual Search tool is a super helpful tool that lets you pin your desired contents or posts. They have modified this feature to a Pinterest Lens that lets you take a photo of a product to either buy it online or to find similar pins or products. They have also brought out features like Pincodes, Lens your Look, Shop the look, etc to help the consumer receive their desired look and product.

  1. Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Too tired to type out the whole thing and read them? Digital marketing has enabled quicker and efficient ways for SEOs to market their products to interested customers. This feature enables customers to receive all the necessary information through audio content. Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and many more function using this principle.

  1. Interactive Content

They are contents that require the consumers to actively take part in the procedure. Since it is an interactive process, more data is shared between users which increases all of the consumer’s knowledge. Some examples of interactive content include quizzes, polls, surveys, infographics, calculators, etc.

  1. Omnichannel Marketing

This type of marketing involves marketing using various platforms like social media, emails, blogs, and many more. as numerous channels are used to connect and deliver messages, there is worldwide accessibility with enhanced personalized user experience.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

What do you do when you need to download an app but your phone storage is full? Progressive web apps are a solution to this problem. They are websites that function like mobile apps. They load faster than websites and can work offline. This is an upcoming trend as mobile users started increasing.

  1. Privacy Marketing

Privacy and personal information are some of the most important things that most brands focus on. Brand credibility is gained by earning a customer’s trust. A customer would always want to know if their personal information is safe with the seller. As this is a concerning issue, privacy marketing is considered quite important and extremely necessary in the present world.

When it comes to digital marketing the options are wide thanks to the different areas that can be focused on digitally. This is another reason why start-ups have gained much prominence. As it includes almost all areas, anyone with interest and tech-knowledge can try their luck in digital marketing.


Why Digital Marketing Is Must For Your Business Success?

Digital marketing is nothing but the marketing of services or products using online platforms, mainly the internet, including display advertising, mobile phones or any other digital medium. In today’s world, online platforms have become a trend with multiple users across the world. With the evolution and change in modern and digital technologies, both large and small scale businesses are doing everything that is required to keep up, and no doubt it has opened many doors to success.

Digital marketing is easy to handle, monitor, track and trustworthy which provides good transparency in your business.

Key benefits of digital marketing are:

It helps expand business and popularity of the brand/service

  • Good advertisement leads to good sales and this is exactly what digital marketing caters you with. It uses smart techniques and strategies that not only attract customers but also helps convert these leads into sales.
  • Digital marketing allows you to engage with the customers via blogs, social media, and brand websites and maintain a better relationship. It also helps you retain, acquire customers, understand their needs and reviews about the company.
  • The ability to attract and interact with targeted customers in real-time is another reason why digital marketing is loved over traditional marketing. It allows you to deliver quality, builds the reputation of your brand and provides opportunities to reach bigger markets.

Gives a fair chance to small enterprises

  • The days when the notion that digital marketing is essential for large corporations is long gone, even the small/medium scale enterprises can get a chance to compete against the big ones and attract their fair share of traffic.
  • The small fishes in the world of digital marketing can effectively multiply customers without the need for call centers, branches, and physical stores.

Is cost effective and profitable

  • Another key advantage is that digital marketing offers a more cost-effective marketing channel over the traditional techniques and effective marketing also helps generate better revenues by high conversion rates.
  • Digital marketing provides better ROI (Return of Investment) than traditional marketing channels. With better branding and revenues, you can easily generate sales or leads from the targeted traffic to realize your ROI faster.
Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Nurturing helps you to Get More Business

If you have started with a new business and want to promote it to a wider audience within a short span of time, then using social media channels is one of the best options. There are several things that you can try on which will really pay you off well. In the recent times, social media nurturing has become a necessary element for all businesses. They can post large volumes of tweets and updates about their latest services at a faster pace with the help of these automation tools. Nowadays, almost all business organizations are using this technique to expand their business.

When one starts using a social media campaign for the first time to talk about their business, in the beginning, it often may seem to be very daunting. However, it is not as terrifying as one thinks it to be. You just need to be confident enough and start with the campaign at once. Businesses have often used these automation tools in order to carry out their message fast and at a low cost. However, they need to understand that these tactics are not as much effective and rather provide their business more harm than good.

Before going forward with any campaign, the important question that every business should understand is, how effective is it to broadcast your message in bulk? Make sure to keep a regular check on your campaign and ensure whether they are beneficial for your business or not. It is a powerful technique for people to know more about you and your services. It also opens up opportunities that let you connect and engage directly with your audience.

Don’t of Social Media Automation

The dependence on social media automation tools can at times put a business at risk that can lead to ruining their social community presence. The most crucial thing that every business needs to understand is that social media marketing is all about relationship marketing that helps you to build up a relationship with your customers based on trust and loyalty.

Things that you should keep in mind before running a social media marketing:

  1. Do not make auto direct messages part of your social media strategy.
  2. Don’t forget to analyze your scheduled messages for results.
  3. Don’t forget to read the articles you’re sharing for quality.

Some simple points that you need to understand when it comes to nurturing your social media marketing activities are:

  1. Pick up one quality post and nurture that post for a week or two. Through social media automation, this post will be much more effective than a broadcast.
  2. Nurturing is all about getting people involved in your conversations. Just sitting idle and waiting for people to like your post will not help. Thus, going forward with a social media marketing program will be really beneficial.

Overall using social media automation for your business is necessary. This promotional technique gives you so many advantages and will bring out positive results for you as well as your business. Nurturing your social media actions will be quite helpful to present your knowledge and authority on a particular subject in front of your network. To increase the campaign further, you can travel through the profiles of all the people who have commented or liked your posts. You can interact with them and boost up your business.

Live Blogging Traffic

Real-Time Content for Overwhelming Traffic

Content is King” is a dictum that has held the field since the digital landscape grew out of its cloistered dimensions to gain a wide prominence. However, it is not the case that content strategies, combined with painstaking efforts, always bear due fruits. Some marketers live in fool’s paradise and overlook the fact that content creation is principally geared towards directing the traffic to a targeted location. Further, if the traffic goes off the drift, purpose of content creation is defeated. Considering the fact that competitors endeavour to occupy a major chunk of space on the digital terrain, marketers struggle to counter them in a lack of content ideas to steer their boat. However, real-time live blogging grease the skids in this regard, to a significant extent.

Exploit Real-Time Twitter Chats Recaps

Twitter chats serve as a connecting link to an audience, engaged in a conversation, relevant to your brand. In many instances, twitter chats feature more than 3,000 tweets within their scheduled time slot. In addition, twitter recaps cut down on time and efforts invested into creating relevant information content.

Here are some of the points that should not be overlooked:

  • Make it a point to jot down good notes during the twitter chats. It may seem challenging in the first instance if you try to participate at the same time. However, your efforts would get doubled if you sift through the information later.
  • If your post is due for the next day to get live, just ensure that people, you have quoted, are acquainted with the fact that they have been featured. Further, prompt them as well into passing the words down.

Newsjack Relevant Topics

Fundamentally, newsjacking means pitching into a trending topic and contribute something valuable to the thread of conversation. As a result, you need not rummage through a stream of internet marketing ideas and simply share your perspective. Some of the eminent brands in the industry have mastered the art of exploiting newsjacking to their SEO purpose and have born due dividends of it.

Newsjacking, being a potent social media instrument, can double up as a major driving force to direct traffic back to your content by live-blogging the concerned post. News sites like Search Engine Journal, for instance, are adept at creating content on the trending topic and spread the information across wide, sprawling digital overland.

Here are some of the tips to employ newsjacking in the best way possible:

Act on your Feet

Invest painstaking efforts in widening the reach to your content. Further, get acquainted with content creation hierarchy ahead of time to get the content out quickly.

Show your Acumen

Although edgy campaign through newsjacking will steer your ship in the right direction, so not turn a blind eye to the fact that newsjacking something which projects the weird image of your brand will be damning to your prospects. So, act shrewd while newsjacking.

Wrap up with Call-to-Action

Once your brand goes viral in a conversation, make it a point that you incorporate something which leads the viewers to the concerned location. A call-to-action will serve your purpose in this regard.

These two aforementioned strategies will pull your content down across the audience and simplify the content creation process. As a result, you can commit the time thus saved into distributing your new content.

Twitter App

Leverage Twitter Tweets for Online Prominence

If you have just made a foray in the arena of online business, then creating a business blog site will fit the bill for you. Also, the next big step involves drawing in as many eyeballs as possible to your blogs. In this technology-driven world, we are amidst a wide range of social platforms to propel your brand and promote your blog. Webmasters leave no stone unturned to ensure that their blogs and articles gain prominence in the digital landscape in order to reel in potential customers to your online network. An increase in the number of tweets for online content will surely steer your boat in this regard.

Here are some of the ways to increase the number of tweets for articles or blogs:

Embed a Twitter Sharing Button into Blogs

Many digital marketers lay stress on it but still some companies turn blind eyes. In case you do not incorporate a twitter sharing button into your online content, it will elude the attention of web crawlers. Further, it is at your discretion to integrate sharing buttons into your online content at a position, relative to your content, be it at the end or on left sidebar.

Optimize Blog for Mobiles

In order to enhance your social shares, make it a point to optimize your site for mobile devices. This is due to the case that a major chunk of population uses mobile devices to access their social media accounts. Also, due to greater possibility of already being signed in to their respective accounts, it will be rather convenient for users to share your content in an instant.

Metadata & You Best Practices, Benefits & Implementation Made Easy

To put it simply, Metadata is “Data about data”. Traditionally it was used in card catalogs of libraries; but with the increase in use of digital data, it is also being used to describe digital data. Getting exact metadata in your code is extremely important as it will help in brand engagement and SEO. There are different elements of metadata which are beneficial for you.

  • Titles and Descriptions:

These days’ title and descriptions have gained a lot of importance because of many social media platforms. Keywords, user-targeted copy, humble HTML title tag and Meta description Meta tag are the key factors for SEO.

  • Twitter Card:

This will help you to improve the looks of your tweets. In Twitter Card with URL, you can specify different types of card for summary, summary with an image, video and slideshow. You can specify how you want your tweet to look like after it is tweeted.

If you want to execute these changes in your twitter profile then just put the tag in HTML. After testing it with the Validator tool, apply the changes on twitter into the program with the help of Twitter Developer. It may take couple of weeks to get these tags accepted.

  • Open Graph:

Open Graph is Facebook’s brainchild. As it is Facebook’s invention, it was only used by Facebook in the beginning; but gradually many other sites started adopting this protocol. This is used to supply semantic information about the webpages, types of content that can be shared like videos, photographs and other types of content. Recently in Google search they have started showing video play icon with the Open Graph tagged videos.

Similar to the Twitter Card protocol, you can specify the viewing options of your content in advance with Open Graph protocol. This is a good tool which assures you brand engagement.


It is a protocol that includes almost everything. It is the common structured data protocol of a group of different leading search providers. In local search results, events like concerts and movies, recipes, name and addresses, articles, and embedded videos; protocol is used.

Due to its complex nature, it may make sense to check the quality of your code with some tools like Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

  • Google Specific Metadata:

There are bunch of custom made Meta tags used with Google; however publisher Meta tag and authorship Meta tags are the ones that impact SEO the most. Adding authorship Meta tag in combination with the website to the “Contributor to” section of your Google+ profile will help you in getting rich snippet. It will show your content with your picture.

Publisher Meta tags are created for individuals. This helps you to find which Google+ pages are connected to the web.

Implementing metadata in your CMS is a simple task. WordPress also has multiple plug-ins to establish various metadata protocols. In Joomla and Drupal also you can find few plug-ins to create metadata protocols.

As there are many advantages of adding metadata to your content, many bloggers and brands are adopting it as a lifelong partner in their digital life.

Tools That Can Be Used to Manage SMO Better

Social media has emerged as the most opportunity-veiling platform that can help get not just increased traffic, but can rally round in generating new leads as well. Having a presence on all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is not just important, but imperative to give your business a brand image on the web. There are some big players on these podiums that have become the gurus on whose footsteps wish to walk all others. So, what are these leaders using to manage their accounts so effectively on web? Let’s take a quick tour of these tools that can help in managing SMO better.

  • Hootsuite is one such tool that helps in managing accounts on multiple networks, measuring campaigns outcomes and tracking conversions by making use of mobile devices and web. This can easily help in keeping track of unlimited social profiles, with enhanced analytics and message scheduling, while helping in getting insight about Google analytics and Facebook integration.
  • Buffer helps in easily scheduling content across most social networks. It’s like a virtual queue that users use to stagger posting times, which can happen all day through. Micro-managing delivery times seem erased now and one can know about the reach of their posts much easily.
  • SocialOomph helps in providing a number of free and paid productivity enhancement features for social networks. Users can enjoy tweets scheduling, keyword tracking, retweeting, viewing mentions, auto-following and more such amazing features. Reciprocating follows by users will seem much easier with this effective tool.
  • Tweetdeck offers many enhanced features for Twitter, while helping in managing Twitter feeds and filtering what matters. Tweets scheduling and staying updated with instant notification alerts can now turn much easy and hassle free.
  • Tweepi is a distinct management tool for Twitter that helps in easily getting rid of unfollowers, cleaning up inactive and reciprocating followers. The pro version helps in unfollowing action of almost 200 users at one time.
  • Sproutsocial helps in offering a single stream inbox created to help users never miss on a message, tools and more, while collaborating and scheduling messages to all the major social media networks.

Above mentioned are just very few of the long lists of tools that have been released to help users and businesses manage their social media optimization campaign better. Remaining active on these platforms can help in creating that brand image for a business and also in experiencing much increased ROI and profits for a company.