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Brace Yourself for Twitter’s Extended Character Count

Twitter aims to roll out a new product, intended for the users to share tweets longer than 140-character, the limit previously enforced on Twitter. Although a cloud of indecision hangs over what the product would look like, sources have confirmed it will be primarily employed for publishing long-form content to the service. This is likely to change the face of Twitter as the 140-character limit has been associated with Twitter since it hit the market.

Long Awaited Notion

Individuals, who brought Twitter into use, thought things through from every conceivable angle. Further, expansion of character limit was fuelled by arguments among these individuals over the years. As a result, it prompted even people, who work in close association with Twitter, to chew upon the notion of increased character limit.

Necessary Proposition to Sustain Standing

Expansion of 140-character limit has been long overdue and it received an approving nod in recent months under interim CEO Jack Dorsey. This has been viewed as a decisive initiative along the lines of Twitter’s plans to dig up new ways to broaden its user base. While other prominent social networking avenues aspire and improvise to run Twitter off the digital terrain, this course of action will be an ideal counteract to it.

Follow-up of Recent Initiatives

Apart from the long-form product, execs have been tossing around ideas of integrating tinkering into Twitter by removing overheads of stuff such as links and user handles from 140-character count. However, some add-ons have been introduced in the recent past in this regard, Twitter cards, for instance. Although the 140-character limit still holds good for Twitter cards, they let the users, including advertisers, to harness potential abound of Twitter, by sharing lots of information. In April, Twitter introduced a “retweet with comment” option to widen the scope of comments on shared tweets.

Dorsey’s critical standpoint has paved the way for this potential change. Apart from this, it has always interested the multitude to witness Twitter evolving. As a result, this seemingly positive change may lure more numbers of users towards it. Furthermore, it is likely to set the trail for Twitter to mainstream audience, which gives a dim view to its 140-character count feature.

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Leverage Twitter Tweets for Online Prominence

If you have just made a foray in the arena of online business, then creating a business blog site will fit the bill for you. Also, the next big step involves drawing in as many eyeballs as possible to your blogs. In this technology-driven world, we are amidst a wide range of social platforms to propel your brand and promote your blog. Webmasters leave no stone unturned to ensure that their blogs and articles gain prominence in the digital landscape in order to reel in potential customers to your online network. An increase in the number of tweets for online content will surely steer your boat in this regard.

Here are some of the ways to increase the number of tweets for articles or blogs:

Embed a Twitter Sharing Button into Blogs

Many digital marketers lay stress on it but still some companies turn blind eyes. In case you do not incorporate a twitter sharing button into your online content, it will elude the attention of web crawlers. Further, it is at your discretion to integrate sharing buttons into your online content at a position, relative to your content, be it at the end or on left sidebar.

Optimize Blog for Mobiles

In order to enhance your social shares, make it a point to optimize your site for mobile devices. This is due to the case that a major chunk of population uses mobile devices to access their social media accounts. Also, due to greater possibility of already being signed in to their respective accounts, it will be rather convenient for users to share your content in an instant.

Metadata & You Best Practices, Benefits & Implementation Made Easy

To put it simply, Metadata is “Data about data”. Traditionally it was used in card catalogs of libraries; but with the increase in use of digital data, it is also being used to describe digital data. Getting exact metadata in your code is extremely important as it will help in brand engagement and SEO. There are different elements of metadata which are beneficial for you.

  • Titles and Descriptions:

These days’ title and descriptions have gained a lot of importance because of many social media platforms. Keywords, user-targeted copy, humble HTML title tag and Meta description Meta tag are the key factors for SEO.

  • Twitter Card:

This will help you to improve the looks of your tweets. In Twitter Card with URL, you can specify different types of card for summary, summary with an image, video and slideshow. You can specify how you want your tweet to look like after it is tweeted.

If you want to execute these changes in your twitter profile then just put the tag in HTML. After testing it with the Validator tool, apply the changes on twitter into the program with the help of Twitter Developer. It may take couple of weeks to get these tags accepted.

  • Open Graph:

Open Graph is Facebook’s brainchild. As it is Facebook’s invention, it was only used by Facebook in the beginning; but gradually many other sites started adopting this protocol. This is used to supply semantic information about the webpages, types of content that can be shared like videos, photographs and other types of content. Recently in Google search they have started showing video play icon with the Open Graph tagged videos.

Similar to the Twitter Card protocol, you can specify the viewing options of your content in advance with Open Graph protocol. This is a good tool which assures you brand engagement.


It is a protocol that includes almost everything. It is the common structured data protocol of a group of different leading search providers. In local search results, events like concerts and movies, recipes, name and addresses, articles, and embedded videos; protocol is used.

Due to its complex nature, it may make sense to check the quality of your code with some tools like Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

  • Google Specific Metadata:

There are bunch of custom made Meta tags used with Google; however publisher Meta tag and authorship Meta tags are the ones that impact SEO the most. Adding authorship Meta tag in combination with the website to the “Contributor to” section of your Google+ profile will help you in getting rich snippet. It will show your content with your picture.

Publisher Meta tags are created for individuals. This helps you to find which Google+ pages are connected to the web.

Implementing metadata in your CMS is a simple task. WordPress also has multiple plug-ins to establish various metadata protocols. In Joomla and Drupal also you can find few plug-ins to create metadata protocols.

As there are many advantages of adding metadata to your content, many bloggers and brands are adopting it as a lifelong partner in their digital life.