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Leverage Twitter Tweets for Online Prominence

If you have just made a foray in the arena of online business, then creating a business blog site will fit the bill for you. Also, the next big step involves drawing in as many eyeballs as possible to your blogs. In this technology-driven world, we are amidst a wide range of social platforms to propel your brand and promote your blog. Webmasters leave no stone unturned to ensure that their blogs and articles gain prominence in the digital landscape in order to reel in potential customers to your online network. An increase in the number of tweets for online content will surely steer your boat in this regard.

Here are some of the ways to increase the number of tweets for articles or blogs:

Embed a Twitter Sharing Button into Blogs

Many digital marketers lay stress on it but still some companies turn blind eyes. In case you do not incorporate a twitter sharing button into your online content, it will elude the attention of web crawlers. Further, it is at your discretion to integrate sharing buttons into your online content at a position, relative to your content, be it at the end or on left sidebar.

Optimize Blog for Mobiles

In order to enhance your social shares, make it a point to optimize your site for mobile devices. This is due to the case that a major chunk of population uses mobile devices to access their social media accounts. Also, due to greater possibility of already being signed in to their respective accounts, it will be rather convenient for users to share your content in an instant.

Check Protected Tweets in Search Results with Twitter’s New Tweaked Policy

Tweets from protected Twitter accounts would be shown in the search results now. Twitter has made certain adjustments to how protected accounts were handled earlier”.

The company tweeted about the changes made to the existing policy. Now, you may come across some of the tweets posted by protective account-holders in search results. The followers of a specific account would get the opportunity to check certain tweets in search results.

The guidelines mention that there was no such provision to check the tweets published by protective account holders in search results before. You could have been able to check tweets as a follower however there was no possibility of finding the same tweets in search results.

The announcement is again a series of changes brought by Twitter keeping the tradition of making the service interactive and inventive for the users.