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An Overview of Web Development Technology

With the advent of internet marketing, more and more people are trying to exploit the internet technology to gain quick exposure in their realm of business and highlight their products or services on their website. Web development involves all tasks related to developing a website for internet or intranet. Being a vast field, web development entails everything from website development, web content development, web design, client-side/ server-side scripting, client liaison, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development along with SEO optimization.

Nowadays, one can use several types of web development tools and platforms like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java, Microsoft .NET etc., to create intuitive and highly functional websites. Depending on client’s preferences and business requirements, web developers may use different types of WYSIWYG web development tools, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento,Drupal etc. The complexities of website development depend on the emphasis laid on its various aspects, including the usage of data base technology, and whether the web developer needs to accentuate on client side coding, server side coding, or both.

Unlike, what most people think, web development basically refers to the non-designing part of web site creation i.e. writing markup and coding. Whether, it’s the development of simplest static single pages comprising plain text, or creating complex web-based applications, social network services or electronic business development, a reputed web development company can manage it all. However, the key to selecting the perfect web development company lies in distinguishing the one that can identify your requirements, and accordingly design and develop optimal solutions to fulfill  your business, marketing and communication objectives.