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Are Google’s New Search Trends Useful?

Erstwhile, Google used to match the query of searchers with the words given on the web pages. The ranks of the web pages were based on the external links these web pages had. With the advent of new technology, Google’s search functionary has become smart and advanced. Its algorithms have evolved in several ways, which has made straight effect on the search results. Whether it’s benefiting or adversely affecting the searchers, is a big question in itself?

To have a better understanding of it, read the example. If you search the band U2 from its name on Google search engine, you will find executive news editor Matt McGee’s website on the third rank of the first page, and the images or videos of the band on the fifth and sixth positions in the search engine.

The reason for the famous videos of U2 being on fifth or sixth rank is that searchers have not used U2 keywords with ‘video’ or ‘U2 songs’. If the Google starts showing more U2 videos on search results and users do not click on them, there is a possibility that Google might stop showing them. It is surprising that Google has several patents around this idea. To understand the intent of searchers, Google look at what the previous searchers have typed and clicked on to query about a particular thing, and then it integrates those signals for ranking the websites.

Google’s spelling correction application loads dictionaries of how words are spelled along with the slight misspelled version of those words. Google is able to do it when searchers correct the searches and click on different spelling version. Google uses this data to suggest the query with a different spelling and treat the misspelling of the specific word behind the scene.

Google has moved ahead of words matching and shows results based on searchers intent. Google’s experts say that keywords do not have to be in their original form. Google’s team do lots of research on synonyms so that they can find premium quality web pages that generally do not use the same words as searchers type in their queries.