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Web Development India – Gives Effective Solutions for Your Business

Conventional web software and highly advanced and perfect web solutions can only help in the growing business world. Web Development India is the solution for this as it analyses the business and product necessities and gives cost competitive and effective solutions. It provides solutions and systems that allow business to be dynamic and flexible and always remain competitive in the market.

It solves problems as the company becomes familiar with the projects including analysis, database design, coding, testing and realization. Various technologies used are: AJAX, PHP, .NET as well as XML etc to make them efficient and impressive. Instead of changing the business practices that have been in use, it is better to go for the software. Web Development Company is focusing on “Mass Customization which is a process that combines the low costs of mass production processes with the flexibility of individual customization. Internet allows customers to communicate to the companies about their requirements online and the companies fulfill their requirement. With the help of web development, same template can be used again and again and it reduces the time of redesigning again and again. Web Development Company have qualified developers and web designer -professionals like project managers, software engineers and programmers, testers, designers and technical writers with exclusive skills for web designing.

PHP is a Web Development Language and PHP code acts an input which creates web pages. The users can operate PHP according to their needs and it is also useful in Data Managements Systems. It acts as a filter taking in input from any file and gives output for other streams of data. The most usual form for PHP is HTML and the architecture is the Lamp Architecture. PHP developers are always at your service but make sure the company is reliable.

Web Development In India – Designs Your Company’s Website Professionally and Generates Profit

Web development has been increasingly progressing with the uprising online business. Today, every company needs to have an excellent website to communicate to the website visitors. For this, Web Development in India helps you create a website for your company with the most advanced designing tools and techniques.

Web developing companies in India offer various services like web designing, e-commerce websites, web content development and web server configuration. Using mark up and coding, the web developers develop static web pages as well as can also relate to complicated internet applications electronic business applications or social networking. There have always been new ideas and techniques coming up with the passing years, redefining the idea of website development. These are web-based database programming, enterprise portal development, web-enabling legacy applications and open source software customization. Languages used are HTML, XML, ASP and PHP which along with the other programs and software like CGI, Flash, JavaScript and RSS enhance the capability of a website. There is always a need to update your website so that there is no ambiguity in its functioning.

PHP development is also an important part of web development and is referred to an open source scripting language. PHP is hypertext preprocessor and has become popular for it allows you to use a browser that you can be comfortable with. This advanced scripting language gives server side programming for ecommerce business development. Experts PHP developers use L.A.M.P. technology such as Linux Apache MySQL PHP and AJAX to create websites that are efficient for the company.

It becomes very necessary to select the best company of Web Development in India therefore before finalizing any company, compare its cost and efficiency with the other companies. If you wish to increase the popularity and generate more profit get your website professionally designed.

An Overview of Web Development Technology

With the advent of internet marketing, more and more people are trying to exploit the internet technology to gain quick exposure in their realm of business and highlight their products or services on their website. Web development involves all tasks related to developing a website for internet or intranet. Being a vast field, web development entails everything from website development, web content development, web design, client-side/ server-side scripting, client liaison, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development along with SEO optimization.

Nowadays, one can use several types of web development tools and platforms like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java, Microsoft .NET etc., to create intuitive and highly functional websites. Depending on client’s preferences and business requirements, web developers may use different types of WYSIWYG web development tools, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento,Drupal etc. The complexities of website development depend on the emphasis laid on its various aspects, including the usage of data base technology, and whether the web developer needs to accentuate on client side coding, server side coding, or both.

Unlike, what most people think, web development basically refers to the non-designing part of web site creation i.e. writing markup and coding. Whether, it’s the development of simplest static single pages comprising plain text, or creating complex web-based applications, social network services or electronic business development, a reputed web development company can manage it all. However, the key to selecting the perfect web development company lies in distinguishing the one that can identify your requirements, and accordingly design and develop optimal solutions to fulfill  your business, marketing and communication objectives.

Open source customization

The process of open source customization is all about give open source content management system (CMS) or scripts like mambo, joomla, wordpress, oscommerce, , phpbb desired appearance and functionality. The customization of open source applications has done a world of good for many organizations as this process has enhanced the portability and vendor neutrality by a great margin. The best part about the customization process is that you are free to choose from a variety of content management systems. Some of them are explained below:


Joomla is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) which is widely used for or publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets along with Model–view–controller (MVC) Web Application Development framework. The customized solutions available for Joomla are normally used for developing applications with features like:

• Showcase / Catalogue
• Real Estate Property Rental
• Directory
• Recruitment/Job Portal
• Comments and Reviews
• Project Management, Forum / Message Boards
• E-commerce/Online Shopping Cart
• Event Calendar
• Guest Book
• News
• Extended user level access
• Help Desk / Support Desk
• Picture/Photo Gallery


It is an e-commerce system that is used for managing online stores. It provides extensive administration area and complete e-commerce solution like high-level server security, quick and responsive services and permanent and fast storefront access,.


Written in the programming language PHP, Drupal is a free, open source modular framework and content management system. It is also referred to as a “web application framework” because it can also facilitate wide range of services and transactions apart from being a CMS.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a free, open source, online store management and shopping cart system. It is PHP-based and utilizes the MySQL database and HTML components. available for free under the GNU General Public License, it is a good support for many languages and currencies.

Over the years, India has become a hub for many companies who are willing to outsource their open source customization work. Most of the offshore companies in India have the right kind of man power and ability to provide Cost-Effective Customization and Migration which can cut down the development cost by half or even more when compared to parallel technologies.
The technicians in India are very much capable of designing templates, installing open source solutions, creating skins, installing their modules, doing design integration and making custom modification to cater varied range of client needs. Moreover, outsourcing the open source customization work to India has been fruitful as Indian companies are able to provide high quality work within the stipulate time frame at economical charges. One of those companies is Brainwork Technologies which is capable of handling your variegated open source customization needs. For further information, please contact www.brainworkindia.net

Choosing the right web development company

An attractive and informative website is very much important for your online business in this fast paced business environment. Therefore, you should take immense care while choosing a web development company for your web solutions. You will come across thousands of companies via internet who will offer you their web development services at competitive costs. However, it is important to choose a company which can provide you with ideal web development solutions. A good web development company would not be shy of providing you with target oriented application for you as per the latest market trends and technological advancement.

The right web development company will be the one which is well versed with the industry you work in and products or services offered by you. It will put great effort in planning and conceptualization prior to the beginning of their task. The company would first try to find out the target audience and the purpose behind your website. It will make sure that the plan prepared is realistic and are based on real figures like resources involved, hardware and software requirement and the cost benefits.

After collecting this vital information, the web development company would build specifications by withdrawing the base specifications from the requirement analysis report. Only then they will proceed towards their work of designing and development. The company would always remain in touch you through out and will let you know the progress and the queries related to the work. The actual design will be finalized after presenting it to you as a prototype with different variations. You can give your feedback and ask the company to make the changes before moving ahead.

A good web development company will not only try to make your website search engine friendly but also friendly to use. It will make your company’s website compatible for browsers on varied resolutions which will make it easy to access. Moreover, they will try to post your website on an excellent server which will make it easy to load thus; attracting more and more visitors.

Brainwork India is a leading website development company offering you with reliable and economical web development services. For more information log onto www.brainworkindia.net