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E-Commerce Plugins in WordPress: Just Few of the Most Common Ones Used

Today the numbers of people who rely on the internet to buy things have increased dramatically. The boom in ecommerce ventures is an accepted reality now and many big players have entered this industry. Both businesses as well as customers have enjoyed a win-win situation. An ecommerce site is thus crucial, which can be easily created with the help of various plugins in WordPress.

The numbers of WordPress plugins that are a part of the ecommerce website are many. Just few those are clearly the paramount plugins that when integrated in an ecommerce website can offer it the best of everything, have been mentioned here.

Cart66 Lite: Unlike others, this is light and powerful. This is used for selling physical and digital products. Businesses can acquire an international edge with this tool due to its multiple shipping and multi-currency option. Ad placing and affiliate marketing is much easier.

Shopp: The most premium WP plugins known, this offers features like coupon codes, tax control, related products, shipping, RSS feeds, Order management, grid and list preview, email notification and can be easily integrated with a number of payment gateways.

EShop Plugin: Known for its simple controls and many listing products, it is very easy to add products and customize setting with this tool. Simple interface, fast browsing and purchase, multiple merchant payment systems, many shipping options are just few of its unique features.

Jigoshop: This tool is known to offer many important features and takes just a little time to design a fully functional ecommerce store with this one. The categorization of products is distinct, which can help people easily find what they are looking for.

Woocommerce Plugin: This offers many features including the dashboard widget that can help in easily checking the progress of an ecommerce business. The highly customizable nature, multiple payment options, cash on delivery and more such features are offered.

WP Ecommerce Plugin: The 1.5 million downloads makes this the most popular plugin. Its easy installation and easy integration with any theme is liked by developers. The many payment options, customizable interface and the freedom to easily change look and modify templates are just few of its distinct offerings.

Quick Shop Plugin: This adds a sidebar that helps in displaying the buyers shopping cart on the page itself. It supports email functionality and integrated PayPal services. Adding products on pages is much easier and customers have freedom to remove any product from their shopping cart easily.

Above mentioned are just few WordPress tools used in the development of ecommerce websites today, the list however goes much beyond these.