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Efficient Use of Typography in Web Design Development

There are many aspects to a website that play their small yet crucial role in improving its visibility and popularity. One of such important aspects is its typography. Typography is basically the font style and size that provides the actual and appropriate look to a particular webpage. Selection of typography for a webpage involves choosing the correct typefaces, line length and point size supported by professional tracking, kerning and leading. To make sure that your typography selection provides you with best results, few tips can prove helpful.

Firstly, carefully read the text of your webpage to make sure that there is no extra spacing or gaps left between lines and words. Next step is to maintain hierarchy in the whole process. Hierarchy essentially helps the readers to judge as where to start and end reading along with knowing the best parts of it. This is done by inserting different fonts and bolding words in the content.

It is also advisable to use more and more of simple fonts rather than the fancy ones. This keeps the webpage least complex and easier for the readers to connect. Any link present on a webpage is the most crucial materials to convey. Thus, a good typography always suggests to highlight them.

Knowing the difference between micro and macro typography also proves out to be useful in this process. Micro typography refers to the spacing between letters and words while macro typography refers to the overall appearance of a paragraph. Using different color fonts and size is also a major plus point towards effective typography. Different color and size of fonts helps the reader to differentiate amongst distinguished segments and purposes of the content.