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Google Clears the Air and Web Space with Disavowing Links Tool

If you own a website, chances are that you have been plagued by bad links – these could have been placed either by someone who considers you competition, or via automatic malicious links. Such links could create problems with search engines, because your site could very well be blacklisted.

In such a scenario, it is essential that you remove all such links, but sometimes, you find yourself helpless, because you are unable to do so.

With the launch of the new disavow links tool by Google, there was an air of cheer amongst all those people who were being bogged down by bad links on their sites. While some of the bad links were being placed manually, there are those which make their way onto a site, with a malicious intent.

While this tool is meant to remove the bad links that people are finding difficult to delete from their site, it is definitely not meant for making life easier for you.

Googlerepresentatives cleared the air that this tool is not for those people who would just want to make a list of the bad links on their site, and expect all of them to be cleared off. Rather, this was meant only and only for those links, which owners of websites are not able to remove, even after repeated efforts.

So, if you are also facing trouble with non-removable links, then you might want to get in touch with the Google team and try out their disavow links tool.