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How does Quora Marketing generate leads and engagement?

Needless to say, the success of every business depends on leads or traffic. Without traffic, there are no conversions and with no conversion there is no profit. Finally, when your business does not make any profit, it dies. But, generating leads in this competitive online marketing is not so easy. We all know this.

So, what is an effective way of generating more leads to your business?

Well, the answer is Quora Marketing.

As per a recent report by a top rated tech magazine, this leading social media platform has crossed the mark of 300 million users. Quora is an online platform where users post their queries. Other online users who are capable of answering these queries can reply to it. The answers can be either be one-liners or an in depth content depending on the questions.

Besides, Quora is also a promising platform for promoting your brand. Answering to certain queries related to your products or services is likely to enhance your trust and reliability. This popular social media platform is an excellent tool to drive organic traffic to your website and provide backlinks too.

Let us see what are the important steps to run a successful Quora Marketing strategy:

Create a genuine and brilliant profile:

Since Quora helps in establishing a relationship with your customers, you need to provide genuine information about you and not just the company.  A sincere and compelling profile is an insight into your personality rather than your company services or products.

Additionally, you can even add your other social media accounts in your profile so that customers or online users can gather more information about your product.

Select and track the right topics:

By knowing what are the queries people are asking directly or indirectly concerning your products or services, you can get connected to the audience in a better way. Note, Quora is not merely a question-answer platform, it is an effective marketing platform for generating business as well.

Quora Messaging:

If you are able to garner some prospective customers and you feel they are looking forward to a private conversation, do send a private message. Do not just rush in to sell your product in the initial stage of such conversations. First, build a friendly relationship with the prospect and then if you think the person might be interested in your products or services, go ahead and speak about it.

The bottom line is that Quora is a unique platform to drive natural traffic to your profile and your company. Moreover, it is a community-driven platform where you can easily communicate with sincere users and convert them to sales.