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Latest Avatar of WordPress – WordPress 3.6 (Oscar Peterson)

Wordpress 3.6

Some of us often use WordPress for managing content on their websites; but still many people are not much familiar with this CMS (Content Management System). As per the records till August 2013, only 18.9% websites were using WordPress. It is actually a free and open source blogging tool and the Content Management System is powered by PHP and MySQL. Lately there was an announcement of the greatest and newest version of WordPress – WordPress 3.6. This Twenty Thirteen theme has been named to honor Canadian great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. It is really an important tool that manages blogs, articles and all other types of content. Oscar is inclusive of better auto save and post locking, with native support for audio and video embeds via HTML5 media player, as well as improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud. There are various features of Oscar which definitely favor the boost in the use of WordPress.

WordPress offers some bounties to the users in the form of new improved features. They are as follows:

  • In Twenty Thirteen theme they have focused more on your content with the colorful and single column, media-rich blog design.
  • Post Locking and Augmented Autosave is a bonus feature which supports simultaneous construction and editing of the content by multiple authors. Augmented Autosave helps each author by offering separate Autosave stream locally as well as in connection with the server.
  • With the new interface you can easily scroll through the changes and it lets you see what, when and who made the changes line-by-line.
  • The Menu Editor has become user friendly and is easy to understand with better keyboard / screen reader.
  • The new built-in HTML5 media player for embedding audio and video is now independent (doesn’t need support of external services). You can simply insert files from media manager into blog posts.
  • In Oscar, media library gets sorted with the author name.
  • You can preview / play audio and video anytime directly through the Media Edit Screen.
  • You can now add font-based icons in the post.

Few tidbits are offered for developers also which are as follows:

  • Developers get access to media metadata like ID3 tags through new audio / video API.
  • You can store different amount of history for each type of post with better filters of revision work.
  • Semantic Markup permits developer to choose HTML5 markups for comment forms, search forms and comment lists.
  • With has_shortcode() you can search the shortcodes and adjust shortcode attributes with a new filter.

For those who are already using older version of WordPress and for many eager users; the WordPress 3.6 will work like a magic with your hosted website. So don’t waste your precious time in thinking; own your Oscar version today and enjoy the smoother journey!!!