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Now it is official: Google Panda Update 3.7

The notorious Google Panda once again refreshed its updates on June 8, 2012, surprisingly this time, less then 1% queries were reported by Google. As per Google, the refreshing process started out on Friday, and only less that 1% quires affected in United States and almost 1% around the world. Google twitted on its twitter account following the rumour of Google Panda updates that it rolled out a minor update impacting only 1% of queries.

Many news websites have reported on the worldwide the effects of this Google panda update on Friday. Over the weekend many webmasters and SEO experts discussed about the news on Google’s shift in search engines results. After Panda 3.6 on 27th April and Penguin 1.1 update on 25th May, webmasters were expecting Google Panda Update 3.7 at any time. The last update of Google Panda took place 6 weeks ago. Google is reshuffling the updates between Panda and Penguin. As per Google internal sources, Google will use its effective updating tools in regular intervals in the time span of 1-2 months.

Due to the constant updates, Google webmasters are giving importance towards the quality of their websites consequentially Google is reporting fewer problems. The web owners who practice incorporating of spam content and large number of keywords and phrases are affected the most from Google Panda and Penguin rolls out. The sites that do not follow the Google guidelines hit the hardest. Google Panda is very influential on ranking of website Google search engine, which enforces to websites reconsidering their SEO strategies.