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PHP Web Development Company: Essential Features in IDE

While selecting an IDE, a PHP web development company should ensure that it has the following features:

Syntax highlighting – Good syntax highlighting helps to enhance code readability by a great deal.

Code completion – Automatic code suggestions prove to be of great help for the developers as they do not have to type the entire code and at the same time typing errors can be prevented.

Navigation – Good IDEs support “GoTo” actions, which help to prevent wastage of time while finding the place where a particular variable is defined.

Errors and warnings highlighting – This feature help the companies offering services of PHP Web Development to prevent typing errors and common programming mistakes.

Refactoring and code generation – Refactoring includes a set of techniques that turns weak code into solid code. Although its implementation in PHP IDEs is not as powerful as compared to compiled-language IDEs, like Java, yet it proves to be very useful.

Versioning system – This feature proves useful for one-person development as well as for teams working with a PHP Web Development Company as it shows which changes were made when and by whom.