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Points to Note When Writing Technical Reviews

In a world where technology plays a central role, one can find vast information related to different software platforms, mechanical or electrical appliances, mobile applications, embedded technology, as well as hardware components, available in print media or electronic media. Resources such as manuals, reports, instruction guides, or web pages offer a convenient platform for users to make themselves familiar with the technology, and get a deeper understanding of its concept and application. Technical writing is a specialized form of documenting information that one finds useful in everyday life. Whether purchasing a new mobile phone or an appliance such as printer or optical mouse, users refer to the documentation available in the form of CD or booklet, to look for instructions.

Reviewing content or web pages related to technological subjects or topics is important to ensure that any inaccuracies or mistakes are identified and corrected before they reach the audience. A field of writing that has its distinct style and form; it can be useful to keep a few points in mind, when assessing such technical documents.

  • Understanding the topic or subject discussed

It is essential to have an in-depth understanding of the subject or technology, which can help in evaluating the document in an objective manner. This can help in planning and developing a suitable summary.

  • Be specific in suggesting improvements

It is important to comprehend that reviews are equally important to authors as well as audience. Hence, giving details about the areas which require improvement, as well as clarifying the how it can be enhanced can prove to be helpful.

  • Tone of the review is significant

Presenting the assessment of the technical article or report in a diplomatic manner is extremely important, while giving focus on the ideas and views related to the content.

  • Sharing ideas for improvements

Such reviews can also be used as opportunities for sharing new ideas or concepts about the technology or subject. Including information about the latest version of the software available, or an advanced feature offered by any electronic equipment can make the assessment more comprehensive and interactive.

Evaluation of papers, reports, or documents related to technology can be subjected to different types of analysis, such as peer-to-peer, editorial, as well as technical analysis by field experts or SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). Each category of assessment has its own benefits, and can prove to be beneficial in improving the overall quality of the document.

Peer-to-peer assessment, as the name suggests, are carried out by other writers of the same profile. Editorial evaluations are done by editors and managers, and the process includes analyzing the sentence formation, grammatical and typographical accuracy, and correcting them. The assessment carried out by SMEs or project leads is targeted at ensuring that the information included in the document is correct, and that any product specifications or technological data is accurate.