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Searching with Google’s search plus

Search giant Google has modified its search patterns once again and the best part is that the new all ‘Search Plus’ is already generating positive results due to its personalized features. One of its features named as Search Plus Your World offers you search results from social networking platforms like Google Plus. Searching people or long lost friends are pretty much easy using Search plus Your World given the condition that they are on Google plus. This part will appear as an automated suggestion when the user is searching on Similar search method using the latest searching tool can used to track down the profiles of notable personalities and public figures.

People who are satisfied with their plain old search engine of that of Google can switch back by clicking on the icon of the globe on right hand corner of the search. In order to change the personalization search option permanently all you have to do is change the search option from the search preferences list. After realise of the search system, mot much was good between Twitter and the search engine company as Twitter believed that the search results were overlapping the important pages from Twitter and it focussed more on the pages created by the social networking site.

What Google Search Plus does?
• Offers search results in the form of profiles in Google plus
• This search encourages you more towards the Social networking site of Google Plus
• Assists in finding information shared on Google Plus