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SEO for PDF Files

It is not known by many people that SEO techniques can also be implemented on the PDF files that most of us have on our web applications. Therefore, you need to focus on the headlines of your PDF documents to get them indexed on the various search engines, and the following tips can help you to use the better SEO techniques for your PDF files:

  • It is a better idea to upload your pdf documents near your web application’s root folder, which enables search engine spiders to find them easily, and you can also link your pdf files to your website’s home page for the quick retrieval.
  • It is good to make your pdf files as text based rather than making them based on images because search engines sometimes ignore those image-based pdf files.
  • You can also use the alt tags on the images of your pdf files, which enables the search engine spiders to fetch the information in a faster way.

PDF files can provide the better readability experience to your website’s visitors, and if you are planning to find an SEO expert in India or looking forward for SEO services in India for SEO related assistance, then you can easily locate them through internet or other sources.