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Strategies to Optimize B2C Lead Generation

In case your business employs paid search for the B2C lead generation, you must be acquainted with intricacies and overheads associated with paid search options such as Google Adwords. Drawing in visitors to your website and prompting them into clicking on your ad before following it up stresses on a highly strategized paid search campaign.

Here, we have set out effective strategies to seize leads through search advertising:

Align your Campaign with RLSA’s

RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) is a feature, which comes with capabilities abound and makes use of your website’s remarketing lists to reel in leads to your website. RLSA bid adjustments convey Google that you are not hesitant to shell out some percentage more for the click generated by a former site visitor.

Test an RLSA-Only Competitor Campaign

Once you have gained an once-over of RLSA, the next step involves reaching out to visitors, who have overlooked you in favour of your competitors. As running advertisements on competitor terms can be an annoying proposition, and it might trigger a string of CPC (Cost-per-click) hikes among every participant involved. The only feasible solution to regain potential leads amidst all this digital chaos is an RLSA-only Competitor Campaign.

Lay Stress on Query-based Campaign

A well-structured lead generation campaign will yield the proportional results. Also, it is worth noting that your campaigns and ad groups should be central to your target customer’s online searches. Due efforts should be employed into bringing the relevance of your campaign to your goal of widening the customer base. Such efforts will help you to dig up what lies underneath the rocks and deliver the message, which strikes the chord with prospective customer’s online searches.