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Content Marketing Strategies That Can Help You Recuperate From Penguin

Content Marketing Strategies That Can Help You Recuperate From Penguin

When asked about recovering from Google penalties, the first thing that comes to mind is removing negative links. Same is considered useful for recuperating from Penguin, which may not be a penalty technically but its effect are no less than one. Now, if you ask an SEO guy like me who has tried to help numerous clients to bounce back from penalties, than link removal does help in the recovery process, but it will not suffice. This is because removal of links can also have an adverse effect of website ranking as well.

So, what should one do? Well by promoting the website with link building techniques that focus on branding and referral traffic you can really augment your website.

Here are some content marketing strategies that can not only help in Penguin recovery, but can also take your business to a new level.

  • Creation and marketing of linkable assets: This involves creating anything to garner the interest of your audience, like useful, interactive and relatable blogs, whitepapers, slide presentations, infographics, content guides etc.
  • Link attainment: You should acquire links from significant resources so that it brings referral traffic, makes your outreach emails, encouraging email subscriptions.
  • Give bonuses, discounts and giveaways: You can attract visitors by interesting giveaways, but make sure to use third party tool like Rafflecopter to avoid being penalized for “link scheme”.
  • Invite significant people for guest posting: Apart from getting links by guest posting, you can go the other way round and invite influential people who have a different target audience than yours.
  • Use brand names when linking instead of anchor text: You should use your brand name, or highlight the part that shows your perspective. Anchor text can make you vulnerable to Penguin hits.
  • Use PRs to promote your business: Using press to propagate your message across your audience is an amazing way to promote your business.

Using these content marketing and SEO strategies, you can ensure that Penguin updates won’t affect you much!