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Tools for Chat Solutions in your Website

Live chat applications in your web site can really benefit your business enterprise in many ways such as increasing sales, net profits etc. According to a recent research, it is found that live chat solutions on your website can increase the sales 3 times more than other websites that do not have it.

Here are some of the useful applications for chat, which can be integrated in Website Development:

PHP Free Chat Tool: PHP chat tool is one of the free chat tools available on the internet, which is simple to install and can be used in multiple languages. With the help of AJAX technology, it facilitates the users to view the chat zones with a smooth refresh experience.

Metatron Chat Engine: This powerful chat engine is based on technologies such as PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. This web-based chat application tool can be used on any computer for the purpose.

Ajax-IM: This Ajax based tool can be worked as an instant messenger, and it is very useful to be implemented in the community based web applications. It requires less page refreshes for the hassle-free chat experience. It is an instant messaging framework, which is browser centric.

Therefore, having chat tools in the web application from your E-commerce Development Company can help the customers to understand your product in a better way.

Advantages of ‘DIV’ in Website Development

Gone are the days when for Website Development, the developers and designers happened to struggle with the tedious formats of “table rows”, “table data” or other table related tags. Now days, most of the software companies are creating their web applications with the help of “div” tag, which is useful in the following ways:

  • Pages that have a “div” based design are quicker to load on the system, as it takes less time for the rendering of the images.
  • It is easy to optimize your page for the search engines.
  • It makes the navigation of the pages faster than its predecessor does.
  • It is easier to modify the website, as you need to spend less time for the height or width issues of any object.

With the help of new inventions in the field of web designing, it is more ethical to develop a web site with the help of div tag for every E-commerce Development Company.