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Top 25 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook continues to remain an important part of our lives and of every business across the globe. The list of benefits of Facebook advertising will leave you wondering why you never attempted it. If you want to use Facebook effectively for your products and services, read the 25 benefits discussed below.

  1. Your audience spends maximum time on Facebook: About 80% of internet users are on Facebook and most of them check their page more than a few times in a day.
  1. It helps target audience: Considered as the most targeted form of advertising, Facebook allows you to advertise based on the age, interest, location and behavior of the audience.
  1. It is cheap: Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising which allows you to reach more than 1,000 people for $5.
  1. It is quick: Unlike other forms of advertising, Facebook advertising is fast. It will show immediate results to your campaign.
  1. It helps build brand awareness: Facebook can help build awareness for a brand. People will become familiar with the brand and are likely to purchase from you.
  1. Increase website traffic: Facebook advertising will grow your website traffic and is considered much more beneficial than other sources.
  1. It increases revenues and leads: With effective Facebook advertising, you will see a rise in sales, leads and revenue. Facebook is an effective way of increasing business sales.
  1. It is measurable: The results in Facebook advertising are measurable. You will be able to see details about the impressions, conversions and clicks you receive on the ads.
  1. It increases your customer attribution: Attribution is the number of times the audience sees your brand. Facebook advertising can increase customer attribution. It ensures that the audience interacts often with your business.
  1. It will bring down the cost per acquisition: Individuals who can get Facebook advertising to work for the business will see a decline in acquisition costs.
  1. It can grow offline sales: A lot of clients who are running Facebook ads can see a rise in in-store walk-ins. Some customers will see the ads and visit the location.
  1. It can increase engagement of website visitors: Facebook helps with remarketing where you can advertise to your recent website visitors. It means that if someone visits the website and does not buy anything from you, you can re-engage them with Facebook advertising.
  1. It can drive repeat business: Consumers who have purchased from you in the past can be reached through Facebook advertising for repeat business.
  1. It builds engagement: Facebook can build engagement with the target audience. This consists of likes, interacts and comments on the advertisements. With high engagement, there is a stronger connection with the audience.
  1. It increases referrals: If your ad can reach the right people, they will share it and it will increase referrals for the business.
  1. It can help build an email list: Facebook advertising can help in email marketing efforts and you can direct traffic to an external form on the website so as to build an email list.
  1. It can grow blog traffic: You need traffic on your blog and Facebook ads can help you with the same. You can use it as a bridge to connect audience to your blog.
  1. It increases SEO rankings: Search engines rank websites based on the activity on your social media. It includes likes, shares and comments on the posts. With an increase in social signals, the SEO rankings will increase.
  1. It can help you break into new markets: You can enter new markets with Facebook advertising and get exposure.
  1. It is real-time: You can handle your campaigns real time and if you are not happy with the results, you can make adjustments to the campaign.
  1. Your competitors use Facebook advertising: If you are not using Facebook for business, your customers are going to your competitors.
  1. Get an edge on the business: You can use Facebook ads to crush your competition. As long as the ads are relevant, your ads will perform efficiently for Facebook.
  1. It is mobile: Mobile is the future and majority users are on mobile. Facebook is the largest mobile app today and if you follow the right trends, Facebook advertising will not disappoint you.
  1. It is more effective than organic: Organic Facebook marketing is dead. In order to be successful, you need to use Facebook advertising, promote posts and advertise to grow your community.
  1. It is affordable: You can set your own budget for the ad campaign. You do not need a high budget to build a campaign and you can increase or decrease it at any time.

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Lay Emphasis on Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords?

Since online advertising now a proven necessity for all sorts of businesses that aspire to obtain a larger customer base, you must be wondering now which medium you should opt for. The obvious options are Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords, which certainly happen to be the most popular amongst online marketers. A lot of online marketers have exploited both the means, while there are others who concentrated their efforts on just one. This is because they have been able to find out which of the two has provided them with more leads, something that you being an online marketer too would want to know. Both Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords are in a serious competition that could only be decided by the marketers themselves. It is imperative that you become familiar with the advantages and limitations of the two so that you can save your time, efforts, and money while taking services of any of these.
When it comes to targeting a particular sector of the clients, it is Facebook Advertising that may have an edge. However, it limits you to only those people who are actively using Facebook. Since nearly everyone is using social media these days, this can’t be considered as a limitation. With Facebook, you can actually access people who may be fascinated with your product or service. On the other hand, Google AdWords allow you to be accessed by people who are in quest of the items that you are selling. This clearly means that you can be into a more aggressive campaign if you make use of Facebook.
If you want to have bigger ads that are likely to capture people’s attention straight away, then Google AdWords is surely a better choice. In Facebook, you may be able to create very striking ads but the issue here is that you may not be able to post the big ones because of the site’s limitations in this regard. Google AdWords has developed a better and more powerful system because it has been in the business much longer. Newbies and small scale businesses, however, may find Facebook as easier means for advertising.
Being an experienced online marketer, you must know that both Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords have their distinct benefits. However, if you are intending to reach out to more people, it is advisable that you employ both.