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Google Analytics

Dig Deep into Capabilities of Google Analytics

Google is way ahead of the pack when it comes to free analytics solutions in the market, despite the fact that it has some trivial limitations. A number of webmasters focuses their attention on the basic graphs and stats yielded by Google Analytics (GA) and can easily turn blind to other advanced features of this amazing analytics solution. Additionally, although it is equipped with capabilities abound, all the features are easily implemented.

Significance of Conversions over Traffic

Traffic is a matter of primary concern for a good number of webmasters. However, it is worth noting that conversions take the precedence over traffic if you seek to establish a strong web presence. Regardless of the number of visitors on your website, it will render your purpose futile if they opt not to subscribe or buy from you. As an aspiring marketer, you work relentlessly towards the improvement in your conversion rates. However, it is imperative to keep a close watch on conversions in order to gauge statistically significant improvements over a course of time.

Goals in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, conversions are called “goals”. These are specific actions by visitors on your website, which are worth tracking. There exist only a few options as far as goals are concerned. However, it comes with a facility for customized features. Activities or actions prompted by a visitor, including loading an exclusive page, rendered following a sign-up for an email newsletter, are deemed as the best for a webmaster to keep a tab on.