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Google Focusing on Site Clustering, Sitelinks Changes, and Page Quality

Google has once again made announcements regarding search quality and algorithm changes-a significant declaration that the company forget to make in the month of July. The biggest announcement of the year by now is reporting of 86 changes from the months of June and July. The main issues discussed in the report are related to site clustering, site link changes, and the page quality. Google has shown concern about site clustering due to which some sites completely dominate the first 8-9 rankings in the Google search.

Google announced through its blog post that they are working on the site-clustering project to make their system web results better and simpler. They also mentioned that they have made their algorithm for clustering web results from same path or same site more consistent. Google has tried several tactics over the years to control the site links being displayed on the first page of Google for the same website. Now that Google has announced that it is working on multiple projects to limit the rankings of a single website, then the users can expect to see few more changes in the coming months.

Google has not described about its big changes, but there are chances that half of the changes will be related to ‘page quality’. Google said in its blog post that the project launch would help the users land on high quality content on web pages from trusted sources. They have incorporated the new data into the panda algorithm to detect high quality websites and pages.

The Google post also included four suggestions or changes in the way sitelinks work. First is ‘Gas station’, which helps remove the boilerplate text in sitelinks titles maintaining the information that is useful to the users. Second is ‘Manzana2’, which will be used for improving clustering and ranking of links in the expanded sitelinks feature. Third is ‘Yoyo’, which is introduced to detect more useful text in sitelinks. Fourth is ‘challenger’, it helps in getting rid of generic boilerplate text in the web results ‘titles’, especially for sitelinks.