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Why Google Will Reject the Data Feed and Steps to Overcome it?

Proper communication is key when your data feed is rejected or blocked by Google. Some users may complain that they were never informed or there was no interest shown on the part of Google to resolve the situation immediately. It is often witnessed that Google blocks the account at slightest of the failures to follow the guidelines properly. There are chances that you may not be aware of one of the points mentioned in the list however there is no excuse for it.

Remember There are Different Guidelines for Different Products:

A merchant selling unique products need to follow a different set of guidelines to someone who is selling clothes. As an account holder, you need to be aware about Google’s data feed specifications to avoid any confusion later on. There are different categories listed with product-specific instructions differentiating one from another.

Check the List of Restricted Products:

Google Shopping has a list of restricted products. Banned drugs or banned ingredients can cause serious problems by getting the feed disapproved. It does not stop there. There are certain drugs which you may not find on the list and you can still get penalized due to the controversial nature of the substance.

Check other Data Feed Errors:

Google Merchant account holds crucial information. You should check the account to know whether there are other feed errors or not. It provides in-depth information to get into the details. You need to read it thoroughly to get to the bottom of situation. These errors, if not paid attention to, can get some or all products rejected. There are clear instructions mentioned about the content and format to be followed by everyone.

Google Data Feed Dashboard

Google Data Quality

Suggested Optimizations:

You should check suggested optimizations to fix the issue, once and for all. Google would like the account holder to make the suggested changes mentioned in it. The next step is to inform Google about the changes made to build stronger business ties. The secret is to work as a team with Google customer support to find a concrete solution. You should be extra careful and patient to avoid any such incidents happening again in the foreseeable future.