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Google Tests New Mobile Interface With “Slow to Load” Label

Considering the surge in the number of Smartphone users worldwide, Google treated its visitors with a couple of delightful surprises last week.

According to the CMO’s Guide to Mobile Marketing, over the past 4 years, Smartphone usage had grown by 394% and tablet usage had been up by 1,721%. Moreover, the combined usage of both these platforms was estimated to account for 60% of the entire digital media time of an individual.

Thus, tapping on the vast possibilities of the growth in Smartphone and mobile devices, earlier this week, Google tested its newest features for mobile devices. The new test by Google revealed the Google logo centred atop the search results, with a large search box beneath and a minimalist blue navigational menu.

Apart from the cosmetic change, the red “slow label” test by Google back in February was revived once again. When, a little yellow warning sign was placed next to the websites that load slow on the Google search results.

The explosive growth in mobile device usage has raised the bar for emerging businesses worldwide. And, with Google rolling out new features, it’s time that your organization learns to connect with its target consumer.