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Step up the Number of First Page Listings on Google

Earlier, when one entered a search query in Google, the result pages that were displayed were observed to have a few ads inserted with the relevant results, which gave an overall impression of clean and organized pages. Nowadays, the search pages are viewed as platforms for building rankings and increasing the visibility of the company. With better control over the first search page positions, online businesses can have improved power over their brand image, and make them accessible for more online users. By controlling increased number of organic links associated with its brand one the first search page, companies can market their brand in an efficient manner.

Using Media- Images and Videos

Search results that no longer include just text, image search result extend the playing field, as they are also prominent on the search result pages. This method is highly effective since it is used to fewer websites, and so there is ample opportunities for businesses to stand out. They are also field specific and can be excellent for companies occupied in travel and tourism, and hospitality. Clicking on that image will direct the user to the web page where the image is located. Another form of visual element that is used for increasing the rank is using videos in SERPs. Video clips embedded on the site that are used in search results prove to be effective in building ranks.

Focusing on Domain and Related Aspects

With Google taking effort to reduce domain crowding, it can show more than one listing for a business on the result page. With more number of individual ranks for the same domain, the businesses can have increased visibility. The view of the company’s sitelink on the search result pages can give a great idea about its ranking. With two categories of site links supported by Google, standard and expanded, businesses can plan towards taking hold of more area in the search result page, and thus earn more visibility. They also need to focus on quality alt text and anchor text in terms of original, concise, and relevant content, as the Google Webmaster tool can penalize unused sitelinks.

Additional domains are debatable, however, can be effective in driving the search results. There are various instances that can help catch more listings relevant to the search, such as creating dedicated domains for particular products or services, or geographical regions.

Sites related to newspapers and financial market updates, can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Google News. As long as the content adheres to the technical regulations and quality criteria set by Google News, articles can earn excellent listings. With this platform, current new content and updates are also displayed in the results with the queries that have topics relevant to them. An overview of results related to shopping queries shows that that although they look organic and display as such, they are not really organic. Local information that includes listings relevant to a specific locality of region, and map views is also seamlessly integrated with SERPs. They are most beneficial to companies with retail points, which are relevant to certain regions.

Another popular strategy to earn better listing in SERPs is to focus on third party websites with excellent authority. Blogging as guests on other outstanding blogs that are relevant to the business or updating the social media pages can be useful. Read more