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Google Panda Updates: A Look at the Road Travelled

A name well known in the field of search engine optimization, the Google Panda was brought forth to target the poor-quality sites and lower their ranks. Since its first rollout, Google’s Panda continue to be updated. The focus has been on improving the overall quality of the websites. The first Panda update from Panda 1 to Panda 2 had a huge impact. The updates are not usually announced and sometimes, Google announce them short notice after the fact.

Following a series of updates described to be minor; one of the significant revisions was the rolling out in international languages beyond English. After a belated statement from Google describing one such minor update to be major, the Panda 3 had also arrived. The Panda 3.5 update went unnoticed because its occurrence was at nearly the same time as the Penguin update. The ranking modifications and changes that indicate a Panda update were cloaked under the Penguin update.

Updates and renewals of the Panda algorithm on a monthly basis, targeted at poor quality pages, may even be so minor that they go unobserved. Many wonder that without the point system and discarding the level of the update as ‘major’ or ‘minor’, a consecutive increment in the update serial number could have yielded a result of Panda 19. So, can the Panda 20 be expected any time soon?

The evolution of the algorithm is designed to target those web pages that are of low standards and lower their rankings in the search results.