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Confusion: Google Sends Warnings with the Message of Ignoring Them

From the last few months, Google has been vehemently sending warning and notices to publishers either they act as per their guidelines about bad links or get ready to be penalised. On 20th July, Google sent latest warning to the publishers that they could relax this week; is that what’s called transparency. It has created lots of confusion among the experts. To decipher what Google wants to say requires scrutinisation of its earlier posts, quite similar to the latest one.

From the last weeks of the March to the early weeks in April, Google started sending serious warning related to fake and unnatural links. The Google search quality team has sent warnings to the websites’ owners mentioning they have detected that some of their site’s WebPages are built on the techniques that do not comply with the Google’s webmaster Guidelines. They were warned to detect some artificial and unnatural links pointing to their sites that are used for manipulating the page rank. The messages sent by Google team have created confusion among the readers, as it was not clear whether Google team is penalising them for having these links on the sites or it was just informing them and not taking any negative action.

In the last weeks of April, the Google penguin has created havoc among publishers, as it was specially designed to detect spam and penalising publishers who are into the practise of using bad linking activities. Other advices of Google such as ‘get rid of bad links’, ‘do not ignore link warning’, etc has been read and followed by many publishers. Google constantly sends warning and advices to the publishers; however, it completely depends on them whether to follow or not. If anyone ignores such warnings, the only thing one has to face at the end is low ranking. It’s a friendly advice better follow the warning than ignoring them.