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Be Ready to be iPad Friendly!

When it was first launched in the year 2010, the iPad sold a staggering 3 million pieces, within just 80 days! That is how popular the ‘new kid on the block’ was, right from the day it was launched.

Today, if you don’t have an iPad, you are missing something! Chances are that if you don’t already own it, you are planning to. In case you are, then you are in luck because from now on, everything on the web world, will also be available on your iPad!

Today, people with iPads are choosing to do more and more of their tasks on this tablet – from shopping to paying utility bills, from conducting researches to enjoying the latest videos.

So, if you are planning to create or design a new website, you might want to make it completely iPad friendly. For all you know, if you don’t, you might be losing out on some truly golden opportunities!

Create an iPad app for your site, and chances are that you will be generating more revenues, due to increased traffic. Today, people are even choosing to do business via their iPads, which means that even though you might have to increase a little bit of your developmental costs, it will prove to be a good investment in the long run.

Customize the content of the website as per the requirements of the iPad, and you have won yourself a place in a niche domain! Entice people to surf the easy to use application, and it’s all your site will need to jump straight into the big leagues!