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How to Optimize Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords Optimization

Long tail keywords were in trend when SEO started, and just like anything from the past, this trend is gradually coming back. It may sound surprising to many of you but long tail keywords reap a lot of website traffic. However since it’s a relatively uncommon practice now and SEO methods have changed from the past, you will have to take a different route to come to the same destination.

If your website is wordy, optimizing for search engines is a big hassle, but with long tail keywords, it becomes fairly easy. It’s surprising but it’s true.

Long tail keywords are very easy to rank because they are less competitive. This means that you can optimize your website for search engines with hardly any work. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with SEO for longtail keywords on a page-to-page basis. You can work the entire website together!

So let’s see how you can go about optimizing your website for long tail keywords.

  • Detailed Content: Using detailed content helps accommodate long tail keywords on its own. But remember to not make it too wordy. Instead choose to create a balance between words and details.

Like for ecommerce websites, going into detail would mean not just writing a “skirt” but a “knee-length red polka dot cotton skirt”. You can work with measurements of products, their material, make, uses etc. You can high conversion terms like buy, find, for sale etc. which are likely to feature in people’s searches.

However, don’t think that just writing and rewriting something will get you there. You need to have a proper description instead of tweaking text to make it longer.

  • Website Size: It is a given with websites providing multiple brand retailing to have multiple pages and it becomes impossible to write content consistently for each and every page and every single product on it.

So instead of writing too much for everything, you can name them SEO-wise so that the customer gets a lot of information in the name itself. The names of the products can be like the example given above. You can even add the brand name to it. If there is a model number, add that too.

  • Optimizing the Regular Way: Long tail keyword optimization is just like optimizing head terms for your website. Only the nature of the keyword will be slightly different. So keep optimizing the way you would for a regular head term, and replace that with a long tail keyword.

Before you know, you’ll have traffic raining in on you like never before!