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Google Algorithm

Google Optimizes It’s Ranking Algorithm With Markup Changes

Since time immemorial, structured data and markups have helped webmasters create search result snippets richer. Usually initiated with a goal to increase the click-through rate from organic search results on leading search engines, most users miss on higher SERP rankings due to lack of attention on quality markup language.

Google from time and time again uses modifications in the ranking algorithm to make a web page rank better. Of course, adding structured markups to your pages won’t directly lead to a better PR.

But, that all may soon change!

In a recent Google Hangout session with Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, it came into spotlight that over the course of the next few months or years, structured markup is something that might go into the Search Engine rankings.

According to Mueller, Google currently doesn’t use this [markups] for ranking purpose. But over time, it may gradually start using it. Explaining concisely, he added: “If we can recognize someone looking for a car, we can tell them, we have these pages that are marked up with structured data of a car. This can be pretty useful in depicting results that really matter.”

Of course it makes sense to use structured data for depicting relevant results, but one shouldn’t assume that using structured data markup can make a site jump up in the rankings automatically. A structured data markup can only help a search engine distinguish between a site that is done technically well, and one that has great content.