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Quality content vs. Quantity SEO team dilemma solved?

SEO Content Writing

The term Search Engine Optimization or SEO has emerged relatively in recent times but it soon evolved into a billion dollar concept. In internet marketing, SEO is considered as a key in getting more ‘hits’ to your website. SEO works on the aspects of understanding or knowing of how search engine works, the search term or keyword that people usually search for and the preference of search engines by internet users. How frequently your site appears in the users’ search and how would you be able to attract more visitors for your website will only be dependent on SEO. In simple terms it is the process influencing the visibility of a website. There are two main tactics for SEO viz. Quality content and Quantity content. Quality content vs. Quantity content on website is a never-ending debatable issue. One school of thought suggests that quality content is more important whereas another suggests that quantity content is the key; so which approach yields better results? Well, if you want to find out, put yourself in the shoes of the audience.

Quality content and Quantity content both have their own benefits. Let’s take a look:

Benefits of Quality content

  • In the algorithm of search engine, quality content is blessed.
  • As we say if the product is good, the stock will be sellout. Similarly quality content that provides value to your audience help builds a long term relationship with them.
  • Having powerful incoming links which are part of the quality content plays a crucial role in SEO.
  • If you don’t have quality content; you will end up losing out in search engine results.

Benefits of Quantity content:

  • Quantitative content reflects more keywords that will increase the opportunity of having a higher ranking in search engine results and obviously getting more audience.
  • Search engines always welcome more pages on your website as long as they are unique and authentic which bears value.
  • Regular quantitative updates over the period of time on your website are always targeted by search engine and also by the audience. Although updating hundreds of pages is a time consuming activity, one needs to do it rigorously for being on the top of the search result listing.

Both approaches have their own merits which makes it a tough decision to choose one over the other. Adopting a hybrid approach while exploiting benefits from both, would be a wise decision. Both these approaches of SEO bear fruits in one way or other; but you need to keep in mind –

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” by Aaron Wall

Now the ball is in your court, whether you choose quality, quantity or a hybrid approach, as consistent and coherent efforts will help you in making your website a success.