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The Flow Visualization Tool of Google

Google is planning to launch yet another important tool for the SEO professionals in the form of ‘flow visualization’. This is a tool that helps in analyzing the insights of a website in a graphical form. This analyzing lets you know that how many visitors went across the pages of your website. The functioning of this tool is based on a set pattern where it first sorts the visitors and then works on finding out the browser they used for visiting it. It also easily search information related to a user like the country they live in, pages they visited and at which point they left the site.

All these information is provided by flow visualization in proper details due to which it proves out to be highly valuable for marketers and analysts. When marketers know the behavior of users in minor details it becomes easier for them to make the required changes in their current strategies. For its features, experts also refer it as to highly cater ‘visitors flow’ and ‘goal flow’.

The main advantage provided by this tool is that it presents all this information in a graphical form which makes it much easier to understand and analyze. Until now, experts have faced problems in knowing the current deviation points as well as in judging the exact visitor’s path. But now all this will be easier and much detailed with ‘flow visualization’. The experts of Google are also welcoming any feedbacks and input from SEO experts to make this tool as much customized and powerful as possible.