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Guidelines for Page Quality Gain Significance

The internet offers a convenient platform for bringing the online businesses and the audience closer. The update of the Google Panda algorithm continues to leave its impact emphasizing on high quality web pages. The responsibilities of the search quality raters have increased as Google is focusing on rating the specific quality of each landing page also. This has also added extra pages to the section describing the page quality ratings procedures and guidelines that is handed to manual raters. The concept of page quality is essential.

Well written content that is informative, enjoyable, and neatly organized are some of the characteristics of a good quality web page. In contrast, the poor quality content in pages is confusing, unreliable, and often messy. Each landing page receives an overall grade from the raters. Main content, layout, relevancy of the content, and purpose are some of the factors for which suitable grades have to be assigned. Lowest, low, medium, high, highest are the options available for the rater for the task.

The purpose of the Panda algorithm update was aimed at removing the poor quality pages from the indexes. Frequent and reliable updating of a social networking profile with posts, comments, and links can improve its quality. The meticulous explanation of the rating details also helps the raters respond correctly to the question regarding the status of the website related with the page under review. The raters also perform rating tasks side-by-side by evaluating advanced or basic results corresponding to a search query. This helps in weighing the present search results against the ones after the update. With so much emphasis on web page quality, it is essential to turn the spotlight on the overall webpage quality including content so that the websites can score high in these challenges.