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8 Things that Makes Press Releases Imperative in SEO

Press Release (PR) is a kind of newsletter, which can help in making announcement about any new development at your company. A part of any business’s online as well as offline promotion, this is a loved method by Google, the search engine leader. Press releases are considered much more than just a company’s sales pitch and ad letter. It can help in engaging your customers by keeping them informed about the new launches and movements of your company. Releasing press releases whenever something new is added to your work portfolio, is good to make the press informed and to keep your valuable clients updated.

Let’s See How Press Releases Play a Crucial Role in Search Engine Optimization

If still unaware that how a press release can be of help for your online marketing campaign, here are few pointers, which may give you the answer.

  1. Press release if written with fresh, new content is bound to bring to your website many new visitors, which is what SEO at its core focuses on.
  2. It can help in providing a better exposure for your website and business among online audiences
  3. PRs can act as a good means to get quality backlinks for your website (again an SEO advantage)
  4. 4. You have a chance to explore new avenues, as new visitors get to know more about your services
  5. 5. The search engine spiders too love crawling sites releasing genuine PRs (good for your SEO)
  6. 6. Your search engine visibility and ranking can shoot up, if the PR is published on good directories that have high page rankings
  7. 7. It is a great tool, if your business is new and you think affording marketing campaigns can cause a burden on your wallet.
  8. 8. PRs if written effectively are adept to improve your site’s ranking on SERPs ( the core offering of SEO)

Remember, everything comes down to how well your writer has been able to put it down in words. One such example of a PR that appears to be perfect reference for a good copy can be viewed here –

The content here has been framed in the ideal format with proper emphasis on the company’s keywords as well. Describing about the company’s new SEO packages, this PR is an ideal example of everything displayed in a balanced form.

So, try creating a PR that can act as not just a promotional part of your company’s dexterity, but can even fulfill the dual purpose of getting you backlinks and making your valued audiences aware.

In the end, it is about words that matter and publicizing on the right platform is quintessential to get in return, what you actually anticipate, to get your SEO efforts paid!