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Website Redesign Company: The Importance of UX

Websites designed by leading website redesign company, along with the latest web applications, have made lot of progress with the help of latest technologies, designing methodologies and tools. Earlier, websites used to be a one-way static medium offering information to the users. However, nowadays they have become much more interactive and offer a rich and unique experience to the users.

Although websites and several other things related to it have changed over the time, the success of a website still depends on one basic thing – how the users distinguish it from the others. Website maintenance companies believe that the purpose of having a website is fulfilled only when it proves to be valuable to the users, and offers an easy and pleasant experience to them.

Hence, while designing a website, it is very important for a designer working with a leading website redesign company to take care of the User Experience design and ensure that all their requirements are met.

User experience, or what is termed as UX, is about the experience of a person while interfacing with a system. The system can be anything ranging from a website or a web application to desktop software, which involves some sort of human-computer interaction (HCI). This term was coined by Dr. Donald Norman, who was a cognitive science researcher and also the first person who described the importance of having a user-centred website design for fulfilling every requirement of the users.

In the present competitive market, website maintenance companies give great importance to UX because it is about dealing with the users’ needs, which determines the success or failure of a given website.